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Weekend Cat Blogging (WCB) #18: Chelsea & Spencer, Part Deux

I think I will let the cuteness here mainly speak for itself. No, I changed my mind. I will write captions because I have not had enough coffee yet to think that this is not as funny as I think it is. Nor, apparently, have I had enough coffee to write a coherent sentence! Whee! This will be fun!

If you missed Chelsea and Spencer’s first time in the WCB limelight, you can read about them here. Thanks to Clare for regularly hosting the WCB events and to Kiri for inspiring all of the fun! And…thanks Susan (& Patchy Cat) at Farmgirl Fare for taking over this week’s hosting, while Clare moves. Check out all the other cute kitties of WCB#18 at her blog.

::Yawn:: ::Stretch:: “Meow.”

“Hey! What’s that over there? It looks (insert one:) crunchy/fuzzy/gross/big & unwieldy/non-food related. Can I eat it?”

Chelsea 2
“All right Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.”

Spencer 2
“Good job cutting off my head! Although, my nose is one of my best features.”

Chelsea 3
“You woke me from my luxurious nap…for this?”

“You bore me. Now go make me some crepes. Preferably, filled with dental floss and carpet fuzz.”

Chelsea 4
“You can not withstand my powers. You will bring me all of the Fancy Feast….Now!!”

“Hey, what’s that string hanging from the camera? That looks fun! Can I eat it?”

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