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Weekend Cat Blogging Event (WCB13): Spencer & Chelsea

How fun — I had no idea that there was a food bloggers weekend cat thing going on regularly. So, here’s my first post about the cats.


Spencer likes to lounge about on the back of the couch, lay in the sun, eat unidentified objects off the floor, and chase moths around the house, when the opportunity presents itself. He’s 11 years old (although he thinks he’s still a kitten) and his favorite food is Fancy Feast grilled tuna (you know, since this is a food blog and all). He doesn’t like loud noises, plastic bags, the vet, the dreaded cat carrier, being ignored, cat treats or strangers.


Chelsea likes to be lazy and surround herself with pillows. Chelsea’s 12 years old and on a diet. This makes her grumpy. She eats a special feline weight management dry food and it tends to piss her off — especially when she sees Spencer (who’s underweight) with his hoity-toity fancy feasts. Chelsea appreciates being combed, getting a taste of the forbidden canned food every so often, stretching out on the rug and sleeping the day away. Her dislikes include diet cat food, being pushed off the bed in the middle of the night (accidently!), moving to new apartments/houses, and going to the vet.

Next week: Wildwood review, stuff from the garden and perhaps a curry.

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