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FFwD #3: Vietnamese Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup

Here’s post number three for French Fridays with Dorie! I liked this soup a lot and think I’ll definitely make it again! Psssssst…Buy the book!

Stuff I learned:

1. I think my broth was thinner than it looked in the cookbook photo because I used light coconut milk. I thought the taste was still […]

Spicy & Satisfying Asian Scallop Soup

I like this recipe a lot because you can substitute with abandon. No fish stock? Use chicken or vegetable! No lime leaves? Use some zest. It continues on like that…I’ve made this once with all the right ingredients and once with a lot of substitutions and both turned out delicious. They didn’t taste exactly […]

Ashland: May 2009

Beet salad at the Peerless restaurant — with goat cheese, poblano peppers, pumpkin seeds, orange segments, micro greens and stuff like that

Where we stayed: Peerless Hotel Where we ate: Peerless Restaurant, Dragonfly Cafe & Gardens What we saw: Macbeth, Dead Man’s Cell Phone

Lodging: This was a quick, fun trip. Alas, it was […]

Great for Cold, Rainy Weather: Asian Chicken Coconut Soup

Here’s a super, tasty soup recipe, especially if your weather is crappy (like ours has been). Or, if there are some sniffles and complaints of sore throats around the house. Oh and last weekend, when it was uh 80 degrees and sunny out, I took the flannel sheets off the bed. Note to self: […]