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White Polenta with Sausage, Chard and Fresh Mozzarella

This was a recent meal at our house and even though I accidentally made two “errors” with it, the meal was still delicious. So, I think we’ll call this one both forgiving and versatile.

Error number one was not realizing this recipe made two cake pans worth of polenta (not a big deal […]

FFwD: Swiss Chard Pancakes (but really Arugula Pancakes)

I almost didn’t make this French Fridays with Dorie. In fact, I really wasn’t going to make it at all but at 9:00pm on Thursday night I looked to see what the assignment was…it was Swiss Chard Pancakes. I had really wanted to make those. And I didn’t have any chard. Because I was […]

Meatless Monday: Teff "Polenta" with Sautéed Chard

I have been having a lot of fun lately experimenting with out-of-the-ordinary and interesting grains. Teff is no exception. It is a tiny, gluten free, whole grain that is native to Ethiopia and very nutritious. Traditionally, it’s ground into a flour and used for Injera, an Ethiopian flatbread, but the grains can also be […]

Savory Oat Groats with Kale, Feta and Shrimp, plus a Bob's Red Mill Giveaway!

I really enjoy finding a new ingredient that I’ve never cooked with before and discovering something fun to do with it. That’s exactly what happened with me and oat groats. To be honest, when I first got the bag I wasn’t even sure what an oat groat was — oat kernel with its hull […]

Greens and Bulgur Gratin…Boo!

Looking for a side dish or even a vegetarian meal for Meatless Monday, or something like that? Well then, look no further because I have got the dish for you! Hearty winter greens (I used a mix of only kale and spinach, but the possibilities are pretty endless) are steamed and wilted, then combined […]