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Newport, Oregon: The Ocean, The Sights, All The Fish Eaten…

Newport, OR

This is going to be quite the photo-heavy post. A couple of weekends ago we were lucky to have a long four-day weekend in Newport, Oregon. We rented a condo right on Nye Beach and spent those four days walking on the beach, eating, drinking at Rogue, and going to the Aquarium. And best of all, it was even sunny every day!

Some of the places that we went to that I don’t have photos from include: Panini Bakery – 232 NW Coast St (lattes, pizza, breads!), Nye Beach Market – 526 NW Coast St (crab cakes!), April’s at Nye Beach – 749 NW 3rd St (great dinner!), Carl’s Coffee – 715 NW Beach St, Cafe Stephanie – 411 NW Coast St (breakfast!). They are all recommended.

The places we ate at or went that are shown below are: Seal Rock, Saffron Salmon – 859 SW Bay Blvd., Oregon Coast Aquarium – 2820 SE Ferry Slip Rd, Rogue Ales – 748 SW Bay Blvd (take the distillery tour!), and Local Ocean – 213 SE Bay Blvd (highly recommended! Especially the calamari and halibut).

Newport, OR

Newport, OR

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24 Hours on the Coast in Lincoln City, Oregon

Lincoln City, Oregon

Lincoln City is a long, sprawling town on the central Oregon coast. It has a casino, an outlet mall and continues along Highway 101 for miles. But it also has equal miles of sandy beaches, distinct neighborhoods and a couple of pretty good places to eat. It’s also known for all of the glass art studios that populate the area, as well as being a great location to view pelicans flying over the ocean. The Lincoln City Visitor and Convention Bureau even hides glass floats on the beach for visitors to find in the off season (boo! we did not find one).

Even though I wouldn’t necessarily call Lincoln City quaint, there’s a lot to see and do and it’s not very hard to get off the beaten path and do your own thing — but still easily treat yourself to a new pair of shoes at the Nike outlet.

Whispering Winds Motel
3264 NW Jetty Ave
Lincoln City, Oregon 97367

The first part to this quick, overnight trip was finding a place to stay. On earlier Lincoln City trips, we’ve stayed at both The Coho and Surftides, but I wanted to try some place new, which is . . . → Read More: 24 Hours on the Coast in Lincoln City, Oregon

A Full Moon Weekend in Astoria, Oregon

Eating, Restaurants and Sights in Astoria Oregon

I’m a big fan of Astoria, Oregon.

I’m not sure why exactly. I did get married there, so I’m sure that has something to do with it, but the reason we even picked Astoria in the first place is that it’s just a cool little town. It’s a bit rough around the edges (although, less so since cruise ships dock there now) but it’s still very quirky. Beautiful. Strange. And sometimes even sunny. Okay. I guess that’s why.

On this recent trip, we rediscovered a restaurant that we weren’t quite sure about based on a lukewarm first impression, and found a new one that we liked right away.

Baked Alaska
#1 12th Street
Astoria, OR 97103

We first tried Baked Alaska a number of years ago, when we were looking for catering options and had a very disappointing lunch there. We gave it another try this last time we were in town and it was a solidly good meal.

We started with calamari, because I have a calamari clause built into all my dining out activities, and it came with an awesome spicy mint dipping sauce. The Caesar salad was quite tasty and liberally dressed (which . . . → Read More: A Full Moon Weekend in Astoria, Oregon

Coast Weekend in Photos: Part II

Astoria, OR

So, here’s the second part of my coast photos post and most of these pictures are from Astoria. With one exception…the first one is of Sunday morning’s breakfast…a cream cheese and onion bialy from Pacific Way Cafe Bakery. I liked this so much that I recreated them at home last weekend. They turned out great! (Recipe soon).

Later that day, we ended up going to Fort George Brewery in Astoria for a late lunch/early dinner on Sunday. While we were driving around Rockaway Beach, Pacific Way called me and cancelled our reservation for that night, as they weren’t going to be open due to a kitchen equipment failure. That went a little like this –

me: hanging up after listening to my voicemail message, staring at phone blankly.

jwa: what?

me: Pacific Way Cafe cancelled our reservation for tonight.

jwa: What? Why?…What?

me: Yeah. something’s broken in the kitchen, they’re not going to be open tonight.


me: I have no idea what to do…there is no Plan B.

jwa: Um…

me: I know! Where else is there to eat in Gearhart? This is so…unexpected.

jwa: Um…


We seriously have never had to eat anywhere else in the immediate area. Everytime we’ve stayed in Gearhart for like . . . → Read More: Coast Weekend in Photos: Part II

Coast Weekend in Photos: Part I

Coast Weekend

We went to the coast a couple of weekends ago and I took some great pictures! So I thought I would post a bunch here. But then there were so many images that I wanted to use that I thought it would be better to break it up into two posts. How exciting.

Here’s the first group which mainly covers the first day of our adventures — Gearhart, Pacific Way Cafe and the beach. It was also a really great weekend to head to the coast, as the temperature in Portland hit 100 degrees (the first time all Summer). Surprisingly though, it was also pretty hot at the coast. Gearhart and Astoria were both around 88-ish Saturday and Sunday, which is pretty abnormally hot for there (even in August).

Coast Weekend
The cat before leaving…she has no idea she’s going on a car ride soon. ha ha.

Coast Weekend
Walking around a small plant nursery in Gearhart.

Coast Weekend
A bell on a bike, with an illustration of a bike on it…very meta.

Coast Weekend
Curry Mussels at Pacific Way Cafe. Very good!

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