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HPotD: Day ?


Quite honestly, I’ve lost track. This was yesterday, though, I do know that.

We drove to Butchart Gardens (about 20 minutes North of Victoria) and looked around. It was nice and all but at $25 a person, we were both a little underwhelmed. We also both came to the conclusion that the Tofino Botanical Garden, with its uncrowdedness, laidback feel, unexpected statuary and interesting things to discover, was a better time — yymv ymmv, of course. We’re glad we went to Butchart and all but probably wouldn’t spend the $50 (Canadian and American) to go again. I should edit this to add that if the American dollar’s value wasn’t so craptacular, this would probably be more reasonable of a fee.

Today is the last full day here. Tomorrow it’s the ferry back to Port Angeles and then Portland . . . → Read More: HPotD: Day ?

HPotD: Day Nine

Pointe Restaurant, Wick Inn

Seared Pacific Halibut with Citrus Potato Purée, Endive, Fresh Orange, Almond Nage. Mmm! As was jwa’s Herb Baked Salmon with Smoked Salmon Ravioli, Warm Beet & Baby Vegetable Salad with Spring Carrot Sauce.

Checked out of the Wick Inn yesterday and made the (about) 5 hour drive back to Victoria. We are now in the “Red Room” at Isabellas. We both like this room better than the “Blue Room”. Much more unique and arty. Pictures tomorrow!

Today we’re going to the Royal British Columbia Museum and tonight we’re going to The Temple restaurant for dinner. Bring on . . . → Read More: HPotD: Day Nine

HPotD: Day Eight

Inn at Tough City Sushi Bar, Tofino, BC

Yeah, we skipped HPotD #7. I got a cold the other day. Stuffy nose, watery eyes, the works. Spent the day in Errington/Parksville pretty miserable but I think I am getting better. I could almost taste the wonderful looking sushi we had for dinner.

Anyway, I think I am on the mend just in time for our dinner at the Pointe Restaurant tomorrow night at the Wick Inn. Oh and our room here is awesome. See flickr if you don’t . . . → Read More: HPotD: Day Eight

HPotD: Day Six


Day 6: Sooke, BC, along E Sooke Road

Yesterday we arrived in Sooke and drove around. Very cute. Went to the Whiffen Spit Park and explored and stuff. Found the B&B where we were staying and then went out and had a wonderful, casual meal.

Of course, I forgot my camera :(

Fuse Waterfront Grill wasn’t too far from our B&B in East Sooke and it was recommended to us by the B&B lady.

We had an appetizer plate with hummus, a yam spread, olives and foccacia. Also tasty, tasty Sooke lager (logger). And jwa tried to get a burger medium rare and was told that in Canada, the law is that all burgers (in restaurants?) had to be cooked “well”. Who knew? The waitress was apologetic and we were understanding and the kitchen was awesome, because the chef sent out a free (I’d say) 4-5 ounce piece of medium-rare, organic strip loin steak for jwa as a consolation. What a cool, unexpected thing to do! And it was super tasty too!

I had a salmon burger with preserved lemon mayo and red onions and a cup of the clam chowder. Really good. If we are back . . . → Read More: HPotD: Day Six

HPotD: Day Five


Yesterday, we kind of took it easy. Saw a play in the Fernwood Neighborhood and made dinner in the room. Some pasta, chicken and a HUGE salad.

Going to Sooke today and spending the next four days traveling around the island — Errington/Parksville area and then Tofino. I hope to have faster wifi in Sooke and I should be able to get some more pics on . . . → Read More: HPotD: Day Five