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Spicy & Satisfying Asian Scallop Soup

I like this recipe a lot because you can substitute with abandon. No fish stock? Use chicken or vegetable! No lime leaves? Use some zest. It continues on like that…I’ve made this once with all the right ingredients and once with a lot of substitutions and both turned out delicious. They didn’t taste exactly […]

The Simplest, Bestest Lamb Ever

I know I said there would be salad rolls next. I lied. Those will be soon Wednesday(!) because oh my, this meal was delicious and it bumped the salad rolls. You’ll notice the title image even has a bite taken out of it. Yeah. And I’m not sorry about it either.

The rack of […]

What's For Lunch? Thai Basil!

Lemongrass Chicken

Thai Basil Corner of SW Oak & 2nd Ave Portland, OR 503-330-1010

Well, as I’ve mentioned before, I have a new job downtown and one of the nice benefits of that is the lunch choices. My last position was up on Skyline and my lunch option was…Pizzicato. I mean, that was good, […]

Trader Joe's: Pizza Mascarpone

Yes, I realize that this is kind of a lame post. It’s short, it’s a packaged item and salad dressing hardly counts as a recipe! I know, you-know-who-you-are (jwa). Too bad, for I am sleepy! Ha!

There was a new kind of flat Italian pizza at Trader Joe’s the last time we went and […]

TJ's Flank Steak Stuffed with Spinach & Feta: Hey! These Were Good!

Whenever I buy chicken at Trader Joe’s I always see these rolled up steak things that look intriguing. They are, in fact, flank steak stuffed with feta, spinach and red pepper — but usually, I just see them and think, “huh, those look interesting,” but this week — I actually bought a package. For you see, I am easily lured by feta stuffing. In addition to the persuasive power of the feta, they were very cute — they looked like little meat wheels. […]