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Awesome Onion Goggles


Photo taken May, 2011.

When I started grad school I had one cat — Chelsea. One day I went to the pet store to buy cat food for her and they had some kittens in a room with a large glass window, so that the cuteness could be observed fully. There was one little gray and white kitty lying on his back in the middle of the floor. He turned to look at me and I saw his big green eyes and his nose. His nose! So cute — it looked like it was lined with black, almost drawn on.

That day I came home with not just cat food but also another cat. Chelsea was not amused.

Spencer T. Kitten
July 1993 – June 19, 2011

Distinguished gentleman cat. Lover of laying on a sunny windowsill and eating carpet fuzz. Chaser of flashlight beams. Champion shredder of toilet paper. He was loved very much by Michelle and James. We miss you, little boy kitty.

Sleeping on the couch by a sunny window.

Zucchini size model.

Big eyed kitteh seeking attention.

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