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Freekeh with Green Onion Sauce, Toasted Walnuts, Asparagus and Tuna + a Giveaway

Recently, Freekehlicious offered to send me some Freekeh from to try, which was very exciting, as I had heard of the grain before and had wanted to experiment with it for awhile.

So, what is freekeh, you ask? Well, freekeh is a grain that I think looks a little like spelt. “Young roasted green […]

Guinness Braised Lamb Shanks for St. Patrick's Day

Over the next couple of days I’m going to be posting two ideas for St. Patrick’s Day meals and this first one uses two very Irish ingredients — Guinness stout and lamb. It does take awhile to cook but the reward is worth it.

Of course, there’s also the challenge of finding a […]

Twice-Fried Chicken with Sriracha Honey

So, this was a cooking fear that I faced recently — fried chicken. Seriously, I’ve always been a little intimidated by it and by imagining the bubbling oil overflowing the pot and burning my house down. That didn’t happen, hooray! Instead, the chicken was just awesome. I used 6 thighs here, but you can […]

Chicken Stir-Fry with Asparagus and Almonds

This right here is a great dinner. Or a lunch even, in fact that’s what I made it for mainly, a lunch for both jwa and I to bring to work the next day. So awesome. It’s salty and spicy and basil-y. And a great vehicle for Spring asparagus.

I altered this a […]

Spicy Chicken Thighs with Rhubarb-Cucumber Salsa

Oh! This was tasty and very seasonal. And I always forget how much I love chicken thighs and then we have some and I’m like, “Wow! I love chicken thighs!” and then I kind of forget again. Well, not this time.

Now, the rhubarb salsa is a little bitter, so it’s not necessarily […]