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Risotto with Savoy Cabbage and Chicken Sausage

Oh, wow, having a cold is horrible. It’s been so long since I’ve been sick, that I couldn’t really remember how annoying it is to be under the weather. But, last weekend it all came back to me. It started with a lump in the throat and then the fun continued on from there […]

The Very Green Meal (Featuring Risotto & Pea Puree)

What is this? Another post? Holy crap, yes, it’s another post. This was another meal we had over the Memorial Day Weekend. It was a very green meal with green herb risotto and some (leftover) pea puree bruschetta. We even had matcha creme brulee for desert. See? very green!

The risotto was good, but […]

The Last Risotto of Winter 2007-08? Cauliflower Risotto with Saffron, Pancetta and Manchego

I cannot believe I’ve only made risotto a handful of times this winter! That is crazy because I luuurve risotto. Maybe the weather is turning all crappy again to inspire me to make more risotto?

Anyway, this is the latest risotto experiment — sort of a Spanish-inspired theme. I’ve just started eating cauliflower and […]

The First Risotto of the Season: Shrimp, Garbanzo Bean & Cherry Tomato Risotto

This was one of those, “hmmmm, I wonder what I could throw into a risotto?” kind of meals. Really, once you have arborio rice, broth, wine and Parmesan cheese, anything else goes. So, I had a bag of interesting green garbanzo beans from Trader Joe’s in the freezer. I also had about a half […]

Risotto Weather's Last Stand: Asparagus Risotto

This last week here in Portland has been cold and rainy. A few nights ago, jwa and I even contemplated using the last of the firewood. We considered it briefly, but decided it was cozy enough lazing on the couch watching the Daily Show and the Lost finale with the cats (they make surprisingly […]