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First Meal for Portland Dining Month: Paley's Place

Well, I am actually a little bit embarrassed to admit this but, Saturday’s dinner at Paley’s Place was the first time either jwa or I had been there. I know, right? Crazy. And it’s totally been on our list of places we wanted to go to for like, uh, the last 10 years, but […]

Dinner at 23 Hoyt

My albacore sandwich with ginger mayo, picked onions and avocado. So good!

jwa recently planned a ‘date night’, which was really very sweet of him. We went to dinner at 23 Hoyt and then to voicebox to sing. We even hit the end of happy hour at the restaurant which meant $5 cosmos, $1 […]

It's Hot Again: Time for Zucchini Gazpacho (and a Dinner Out)

We had a nice stretch of cool, 60’s to 70’s weather recently. That appears to be over. Hello, gazpacho! I recently got the new La Cucina Italiana magazine and found quite a few recipes in there that I wanted to try out. This is the first one. I think the second one will be […]

Dinner at Wildwood

Here I should admit that I cheated and snuck a peak at the online menu earlier, because I was curious and I wanted to start thinking about what to order as soon as possible. What? Is that weird? […]