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Awesome, Awesome Wedding Menu

First off, I’ll just say that Astoria has somewhat limited catering choices. It was a little frustrating at first but it has come together just fine — better than fine, actually. We have been in discussions with our caterer over our wedding reception dinner menu and I think we have come up with a […]

Cornbread Panzanella for Dinner + Flowers

This is a great meal for when you don’t really know what you feel like or what you want for dinner. It has everything — bread, cheese, veggies, and basil. If you wanted to go crazy, I bet you could even add some cooked, cubed chicken. jwa and I enjoyed it quite a bit. […]

Almond Cake? Where Are Youuuuuu?

We went to Sub Rosa for dinner last night and had a good meal — wine, salads, pasta, a pizza for jwa and some pistachio gelato. Hey! It was for charity!

One of the things that I am most excited about though (and have been putting enough effort into to not have time to […]

They Are so Cute — Now What Do I Do with Them?

I was in New Seasons the other day buying some halibut and as I was walking through the produce sections I saw the cutest thing — garlic tops.

“Oh!” I thought to myself, “need to buy! Cuuute!”

Then I got home and realized I had no idea what to do with them. I […]

Wedding Planning Update

Image from the book, Simple Stunning Weddings.

So, we are currently trying to decide on a location. We are casting a wide net — Ashland. Astoria. Yachats. Dayton. The Long Beach area of Washington. So far we have scoped out Red Ridge Farms, Heceta Head Lighthouse and The Peerless Hotel.

Next we’ll be heading […]