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Forget What I Said…These Are the Shoes!

And bag. Which was something that I wasn’t going to get but then I changed my mind when I saw this bag at Zappos. Besides, what if I want to bring the camera? Or Lipstick? The room key? See, I need a bag! Especially when it is an awesome light green bag. I really […]

Country Cat Dinnerhouse

Country Cat Dinnerhouse 7937 SE Stark Portland, OR 97215

Finally, jwa and I made it to the Country Cat on Sunday night. I know it’s been open for quite a while, but this is actually ahead of schedule for us. Typically, we seem to not get to a new place until it has been […]

This Makes Me So Happy: Bridgewater Bistro

Bridgewater Bistro 20 Basin Street Astoria, Oregon 503-325-6777

So, jwa and I headed out to Astoria this weekend (such a pretty drive along highway 30 with the leaves and the sun and all) to have dinner at Bridgewater Bistro. It’s the new restaurant by Ann and Tony Kischner of the Shoalwater Restaurant in Seaview, […]

Sushi Experiment #1: Crab, Cucumber & Avocado (Oh and Some Shoes)

At work last Friday, there was a stack of seaweed packages for people to take home if they wanted to and do something seaweed-y with. Grabbing a package, I thought it might be fun for jwa and I to attempt to make sushi. After some contemplation, we decided to start simply, with just rice, […]

Lavender-Blueberry Margaritas + Super Cute Cocktail Napkins

A while ago (okay, like 1999), I remembered seeing a recipe in Sunset magazine for lavender-blueberry margaritas. I recently spent some time searching for it, found it, and then was like, huh. Coconut milk? In margaritas? Besides adding fat and making it kind of like a marga-colada, I wasn’t quite sure what the coconut […]