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Oh, Look, It’s the Wedding Recap


Yep, the post we’ve all been fearing. No, not really! It’s just taken some time to get the photos and then I got distracted trying to get some MyPublisher books together and I forgot to post here. Oops.



First off, our awesome photographer was Christina Gilchrist and we loved her. Her prices were reasonable and in the range we wanted to pay, her travel fees for Astoria were also totally reasonable, she was super nice and fun and we really like our photos. So, there you go. All of the pictures here (unless otherwise noted) are the ones she took. Grade: A



The Hotel Elliott was a pleasant surprise. Not that I didn’t think it would work out well, but, man, they were so laid back and pretty much an all-around pleasure to work with throughout the last year. Plus, the rental fees for the rooftop and wine bar were really good ($150 each) and although we had to book the Presidential Suite to use the rooftop for the wedding, it worked out to still be much cheaper (and nicer) than a lot of places we looked . . . → Read More: Oh, Look, It’s the Wedding Recap

Hooray! The Tulips are Alive!

Image from Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm’s Website

I have been putting off calling the farm where we are purchasing bulk tulips for a crazy-awesomely low price, as I was scared all of the tulips had been killed off in our Freak April snow and 20 degree lows. I wanted to call and ask how the tulips were doing but I was kind of scared to know.

But after a quick check of their field report, it seems the tulips are alive! And the tulip fest has even been extended, as the flowers are in such good shape still! Hooray!

It seems tulips are tough . . . → Read More: Hooray! The Tulips are Alive!

Kind of Like a Turkey Ruben…


This was the best sandwich. Personally (and I know I am probably crazy) but I’m not a huge fan of corned beef or pastrami. I’m much happier with turkey or in this case, turkey pastrami.

So, this is kind of like a Ruben in that there is tasty bread (pumpernickel instead of rye), the earlier-mentioned turkey pastrami, swiss cheese and instead of sauerkraut, coleslaw. Oh and not just any coleslaw, fennel-herby coleslaw with orange zest.

It’s kind of like a Tyler Florence recipe I recently saw on Tyler’s Ultimate, except different (I went for cilantro and orange while he used lemon and tarragon). But, man, this was good. Throw in a grill pan for tasty grill marks and it’s like heaven on a plate. Oh and I just know I will be making this coleslaw all Summer long, with or without Turkey Rubens in mind.

Fennel-Herb Slaw:
1 large fennel bulb, fronds removed and halved
1/2 orange, juiced
1/4 cup mayonnaise
1/4 cup sour cream or Greek yogurt
1 bag coleslaw mix
2 tbsp chopped fresh cilantro leaves
2 tbsp chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley
1 tbsp chopped chives
zest of 1/2 and orange
1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper

Finely slice fennel using a mandoline . . . → Read More: Kind of Like a Turkey Ruben…

Two Months and Counting…

funny pictures

Look…it’s a wedding post

So, it looks like this wedding thing is actually happening. Eek! About 2 1/2 months to go. Let’s see, I have a dress (first fitting scheduled for the beginning of March), I have shoes, and jwa has assured me he has a plan that will result in him having an outfit to wear. Oh! And we got our rings the other day too. Hooray!


We’re going to Astoria tomorrow to meet with the Hotel and the caterer to finalize all the little details. Invitations will go out 2/29 (ha! Leap Year!) and I have finally decided on what to put in the favor boxes I bought over six months ago.

Do we really need favors? Probably not, but the boxes were just so damn cute. Oh and it’s funny, it seems as I read wedding message boards, that the indie kids* are all, “oh, we’re not doing favors”…. but you know what? Too bad. We’re having favors because I like the boxes. And I love what I’ve decided to put in them. Oh, and we’re also having fun, bonus, place setting favors too. Yeah. Two favors, people.


Oh and . . . → Read More: Two Months and Counting…

Yeah, I’m Still Here


Just a bit lazy. Look at my ring!

I need to get some actual food posts up but in the meantime, check out these cute little robots I made for wedding-related-stuff. jwa likes the robots…

robot groom

robot bride

robot couple

robot couple

robot couple

Food-wise I am trying to finalize the Christmas Dinner plan. So far it’s —

Roasted Cornish game hens with stuffing and wine gravy

Roasted root vegetables (carrots, potatoes, garlic, etc…)

Cranberry relish

Green beans with hazelnuts

Pomegranate , grapefruit and avocado relish

Maple-syrup mashed parsnips topped with caramelized onions and fennel
And for dessert — the fruitcake! Or, possible a buche de noel . . . → Read More: Yeah, I’m Still Here