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Finally! And it's Beautiful! And Happy Halloween!

Yesterday, we had our marmoleum kitchen floor installed and we love it. It’s completely worth not having a refrigerator in the kitchen for the next 36 hours while it continues doing whatever it’s doing before we seal it Wednesday night. We do have a fridge in the garage though, so that is helpful. I’m […]

We Might Have a Winner…

Indian Summer

Thank you, Photoshop Last night, I took our three contenders, Indian Summer, Red Copper and Henna (jwa got the sample finally), laid them out, took pictures and made somewhat-crappy-yet-still-helpful photoshop images showing each floor choice color.


The whole look that we are going for is relatively bright and cheery with […]

A New Kitchen Floor to Drop Snacks On?

Since I spend so much time cooking and making messes in the kitchen, it’s an environment that is very important to me. Since we’ve moved into the house, I’ve painted the walls, the cabinets, gotten new hardware for the cabinets and we’ve replaced the old refrigerator.

Now, we are starting to investigate new kitchen […]

The Kitchen That Unemployment & Boredom Built

He, has proclaimed that he really dislikes the lizards and that they are impractical and unsafe, but I know that you have to suffer for art. […]