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Awesome Onion Goggles

Introducing the new cat…Gamera!

Gamera the Tortie Cat

So, this blog has always been occasionally, cat-like, but we’ve recently had a five month break from the pitter-patter of little feline feet after Chelsea and Spencer left us.

Last Sunday, we were out looking for a new TV and I dragged jwa into first a Petco and then the Petsmart to meet a couple of Cat Adoption Team kitties I had been stalking on online. We met Brina, Sophie, and Phillip — all were very sweet. But, then we met Pinterest and it was all over!

Pinterest has now been renamed Gamera! And she has her own theme song.

When she’s not busy fighting monsters in Japan, being featured on MST3K, or being a friend to all children, she is lounging around the house looking pretty damn cute!

Gamera is a four-year old, medium hair tortoiseshell and also polydactyl ( she has six toes on each front paw).

Gamera the Tortie Cat

Gamera the <span style= . . . → Read More: Introducing the new cat…Gamera!

Happy Easter! Make S’meeps


I saw this last week on Serious Eats. Brilliant!

It’s pretty self-explanatory.

Yeah, I made high-end s’meeps with the fancy-pants chocolate…so what?

Get graham crackers, chocolate & marshmallow peeps. Assemble.


Toast. I did mine for 4 minutes in the toaster oven.


Remove from oven.


Put top layer (un-toasted) of graham cracker on. Smoosh down.




Grumpy-cat is not amused by s’meeps.

Completely unrelated, I played around with some possible new house colors today. We’ve never been happy with the grey/no contrast exterior of the house. Nothing pops. It’s kind of dreary.


Hopefully, this Summer we will re-side and paint. And do something like this (excuse the kind of crappy photoshop):


Dark orange door and accents. Green siding/paint. Bright ivory (with a hint of yellow) trim and columns. It would look . . . → Read More: Happy Easter! Make S’meeps

Happy Holidays!


Je Mange la Ville is going on a break until the 26th or 27th of December. I hope everyone has a great few days. My first post next week will probably be of our Christmas dinner: Roasted Cornish Game Hens, Creamed Spinach and Roasted Root . . . → Read More: Happy Holidays!

Finally! And it’s Beautiful! And Happy Halloween!


Yesterday, we had our marmoleum kitchen floor installed and we love it. It’s completely worth not having a refrigerator in the kitchen for the next 36 hours while it continues doing whatever it’s doing before we seal it Wednesday night. We do have a fridge in the garage though, so that is helpful. I’m just not doing much cooking for the next couple of days. Again, though, completely worth it!


The Details
I seriously thought this would never happen. We started by going to Marion’s Carpets, which stocks marmoleum and in the beginning, seemed that they would be easy to work with. Nope. Now, perhaps carpet through them is fine, but trying to get Marmoleum purchased and installed through Marion’s was like trying to get the kitchen floor covered in gold, with the work only being able to be completed by exotic and highly-skilled, yet surly circus animals. Also, Marion’s was very bad at returning phone calls. In addition, we had to put a deposit down for materials before we could get an estimate (we got this back). Oh and they are overpriced. Blah.

Plus, the contractor they sent out never left us with a bid sheet or . . . → Read More: Finally! And it’s Beautiful! And Happy Halloween!

Saturday Night Fun: Assembling Furniture


We recently decided to get a TV armoir to hide the television when not in use and to make the living room look a little nicer. Not wanting to spend thousands of dollars, we opted to buy something we would assemble ourselves. We did and it was pretty much hitchless. Sure, the first item assembled — a drawer — got taken apart twice (!) to fix misreading the directions (twice), but after that, it came together nicely.


And so it begins. Everthing is unpacked and laid out on the floor. Huh. That’s a lot of pieces.


jwa devises an evil plan for world domination with a Target armoir. It involves a screwdriver, wood glue and some salty language.


It’s starting to take form around 10:15 pm. We began the project around 7:00 but had an hour break for dinner around 8:00. We had a really tasty sake poached salmon dish with udon noodles and a soy, wasabi and citrus dressing. This was topped with mango slices, green onions and sesame seeds. Don’t worry, recipe coming this week!


jwa devises part two of his evil genius plan with the help . . . → Read More: Saturday Night Fun: Assembling Furniture