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HPotD: Day Four


You know, just walking around Old Town and Darth Vader is playing violin with a Yoda puppet. jwa poses with Darth and the puppet.


Last night we went to the Wild Saffron Bistro for dinner. That place was really good. I had a green salad and some roast chicken and jwa had a smoked tuna loin appetizer and salmon in miso broth over a dumpling or something. We split a white chocolate creme brulee for dessert. Excellent!

Today, we’re seeing a play, and the dude from Battlestar Galactica is in it . . . → Read More: HPotD: Day Four

HPotD: Day Three


Day Three: Victoria, BC.

We got to Canada (thanks Coho Ferry!) and our room just fine. Where we are staying is above a bakery and an Italian restaurant. The room smelled awesome when we arrived — like tasty pizza. We also get $20C worth of baked goods and coffee drinks per day at the bakery below for breakfast each morning in the bakery’s restaurant below. It’s like jwa’s dream come true…

I’m not sure how much I’ll be uploading to flickr as the connection here is a little slow, but we’ll see.

pic . . . → Read More: HPotD: Day Three

HPotD: Day Two


Tyler Street Coffeehouse, Port Townsend, Washington

Honeymoon: Day Two.

At the reception dinner, Will told us stories of an elusive pizza scone at Tyler’s Coffeehouse. Sadly, they only bring the scones out on weekends 🙁

We had to make due with croissants and tarts. So tragic.

Thursday, we also had an adventure at Les Schwab tires. We had a run-in with a piece of wood on Hwy 30 on the way to the wedding, and it apparently messed up the rim of one of the mazda’s tires. The Les Schwab dude bent it back with a . . . → Read More: HPotD: Day Two

Honeymoon Picture of the Day: Day 1

title Port Townsend, Washington. May 7, 2008.

I haz a honeymoon!!! Our room in Port Townsend is awesome.

So, my plan is to post an image each day from the previous day. This plan will obviously not work if I can’t find wireless each day. But, I should be able to…if not, I’ll catch up on the previous days pictures when I can.

Note to self: Make Picture a little smaller tomorrow.