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Three Days in Montana: Roadtripping, Eating, and Drinking in Big Sky Country

Three Days in Montana

I think if I had to live somewhere other than Oregon, I could maybe live in Montana. Maybe. And while I would miss the ocean and the desert of my adopted home state, I would cherish the big blue skies and the quirky mountain towns of the Treasure State.

During a roadtrip to our eventual destination of Fargo, North Dakota we spent a few days in Big Sky Country—it’s an incredibly long state to drive through. Missoula in the western region is almost 350 miles from Billings in the east and once you hit Billings, you still have another 247 miles until you finally come to the North Dakota border.

Watch out for rattlesnakes

If you do find yourself roadtripping along interstates 90 and 94, there are a number of Montana communities that are definitely worth your time, here are a few of them.

Three Forks, Montana

This small town between Butte and Bozeman offers a few things—the historic Sacajawea Hotel, where you’ll be offered a glass of bubbly when you check in. There’s a summer farmers market in Three Forks and a quaint main street for strolling after a bison burger (complete with fire roasted . . . → Read More: Three Days in Montana: Roadtripping, Eating, and Drinking in Big Sky Country


Latte at Cafe Campagne

We recently went to Seattle for a long weekend and to see the Picasso Exhibit at the Art Museum. We were also going to try and hit the Battlestar Galactica exhibit at the SciFi Museum but we didn’t make it this trip. Perhaps that’s an excuse to go back before it ends in March?

Anyway, we did go to:

Cafe Campagne
1600 Post Alley at Pine
Seattle, WA 98101

We ate breakfast here on a Sunday morning. Luckily, it was kind of early (10:00 am), so the wait was only about 30 minutes, which gave us some time to walk around the market a bit. The latte here was wonderful and so was my omelette and rosemary raisin brioche toast.

Hotel Max
620 Stewart Street
Seattle, WA 98101

Right downtown and we got a great rate and 1/2 priced parking ($15/day). The hallways are all gray and the doors have blown-up black and white photographs of musicians/album covers/stuff like that on them. The rooms were a little small, but honestly a little bigger than our bedroom at home (we have an old house) so it really didn’t bother me at all!

Pike Place Market
1501 Pike Pl.
Seattle, WA 98101

Fun to walk around…crowded on . . . → Read More: Seattle!

New Mosaic Project — Done!


I just finished a mosaics workshop at Portland Community College and here it is — Octopus!

Detail — the big glass things at the top and bottom are not plates — they were from the Dollar Store!

It will hang outside on the back fence as soon as I go to Home Depot and get some grout sealer. It’s on concrete backer board and it’s all broken plates (except for the blue and turquoise glass bits).

Working on it Sunday night

I started it last Saturday (although, I actually starting breaking plates and nipping the pieces last week), and worked on it for about 5 hours that day, 4 hours on Sunday and 2 hours Monday night. I actually finished it in time to let the adhesive dry for 48 hours before grouting! We met as a class tonight to grout at the Portland French School. The instructor was Pauline Tait and it was a really fun workshop.


I was getting a little concerned that I was not going to get it all done in time.

Spencer was really not all that impressed…

I’ll take more pictures once it’s up on . . . → Read More: New Mosaic Project — Done!

Fun with Watercolors

A few panels that I did during watercolor class, in the Garden Home are of Portland, Saturday, July 21..

I took a watercolor workshop today (Saturday) through PCC, taught by Jude Siegel. Funny story — I bought her book, A Pacific Northwest Nature Sketchbook a couple of months ago to inspire me and then I thought I would sign up for a class for further inspiration.

A couple days before the one-day workshop, I figured out that the woman teaching the class that I signed up for, was actually the artist who did the Northwest sketchbook I had just bought. Ha! What a wacky coincidence!

My best painting of the day is the title image — five panels of sketches around Jude’s yard. I liked the class a lot although I wish we would have spent more time on watercoloring. Oh well, I believe I will be doing some watercolors in the yard tomorrow.


Perhaps the raised garden beds, and the flowers in front and maybe even the new fence. Then, I will come in and post either about curried macadamia nuts or seared ahi tuni with a shitake cream . . . → Read More: Fun with Watercolors

Valentine BPW: A Fun Art Project (and a Recipe)


Edited to add, yay! It got there to Andrew at Spittoon Extra. It’s really cool to think that my art project from the basement last weekend is now in England!

I recently registered for What’s for Lunch Honey’s Blogger Postcards Around the World event. So fun. Buy or make a postcard for your secret postcard buddy, mail it off and receive another postcard from your own food blogging sender. I’ve received my recipient (not telling yet!), made my postcard this weekend, and it’s all ready to go in the mail Monday. Going to the post office and everything.


The one thing is as it’s a whole lot of acrylic paint and ink jet ink, I’ve decided to put the postcard in a vellum envelope, lest the receiver open their mailbox to a gloopy, wet mess if the postcard gets rained or snowed on en route.

I think I’m still honoring the spirit of the postcard as you can see the postcard clearly through the envelope, this way, it should just get there all intact. And cost a bit more in postage but no big deal.


The green smudgy thing is sort of the . . . → Read More: Valentine BPW: A Fun Art Project (and a Recipe)