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Walking Around & Eating Things in Astoria, Oregon

Eating, Restaurants and Sights in Astoria Oregon

I’m a big fan of Astoria, Oregon.

I’m not sure why exactly. Well, I did get married there, so I’m sure that has something to do with it, but the reason we even picked Astoria in the first place is that it’s just a cool little town. It’s a bit rough around the edges (although, less so since cruise ships dock there now) but it’s still very quirky. Beautiful. Strange. And sometimes even sunny. Okay. I guess that’s why.

On this recent trip, we rediscovered a restaurant that we both thought we didn’t like very much and tried a new one that we liked right away.

Baked Alaska
#1 12th Street
Astoria, OR 97103

So yeah, Baked Alaska. We actually first tried it a number of years ago, when we were looking for catering options and had a very disappointing lunch there. We gave it another try this last time we were in town (after not setting foot in the place for about five years) and hey, it was solidly good meal.

We started with calamari, because I have a calamari clause built in to all my dining out activities, and it came with an awesome . . . → Read More: Walking Around & Eating Things in Astoria, Oregon

Astoria & the Great Columbia Crossing


So, jwa and I did the Great Columbia Crossing 10k in Astoria on Sunday. He ran and I walked it. He did the 6.2 miles in 49 minutes and 49 seconds. So awesome! Meanwhile, I walked the 6.2 miles in 1 hour and 40 minutes. Not too bad. My goal was to come in at or under 2 hours. Woo! We figured out that he ran at about 7.7 miles per hour and I was doing about 3.8 miles per hour walking. Not too bad. Especially since this is the first time either of us has done anything like this before.

We drove up there Saturday, scanning the radio, while jwa sang along with a lot of the songs we recognized on the radio in the style of the Decemberists. And that is as fun as it sounds!

After getting out of Portland, I was slightly nervous at the number of McCain/Palin signs on the drive in, but was relieved to see a huge Obama/Biden sign about 20 miles outside of Astoria. Hooray! I try to keep my blog politics-free (hey, we all like to eat), but we cheered at the sight of that one.

Anyway, once in . . . → Read More: Astoria & the Great Columbia Crossing

Oh, Look, It’s the Wedding Recap


Yep, the post we’ve all been fearing. No, not really! It’s just taken some time to get the photos and then I got distracted trying to get some MyPublisher books together and I forgot to post here. Oops.



First off, our awesome photographer was Christina Gilchrist and we loved her. Her prices were reasonable and in the range we wanted to pay, her travel fees for Astoria were also totally reasonable, she was super nice and fun and we really like our photos. So, there you go. All of the pictures here (unless otherwise noted) are the ones she took. Grade: A



The Hotel Elliott was a pleasant surprise. Not that I didn’t think it would work out well, but, man, they were so laid back and pretty much an all-around pleasure to work with throughout the last year. Plus, the rental fees for the rooftop and wine bar were really good ($150 each) and although we had to book the Presidential Suite to use the rooftop for the wedding, it worked out to still be much cheaper (and nicer) than a lot of places we looked . . . → Read More: Oh, Look, It’s the Wedding Recap

Astoria Pictures (and Some Breakfast Food Items…and Some Seals!)


Images of our most recent trip to Astoria, with captions and everything!

Latte at the Astoria Coffeehouse.

Breakfast sandwich at the Astoria Coffeehouse.

jwa makes a bagel sandwich…guess where?

More bagel sandwich!

Hey! The Hotel Elliott has Stash Tea…neat.

Me by the bridge.

The dock and a big ship. There were a bunch of them (about 5) lined up. We thought maybe it was to be lead out across the bar? Or maybe they were all just sleepy?

jwa and I on the Elliott roof…

Seals….could they be . . . → Read More: Astoria Pictures (and Some Breakfast Food Items…and Some Seals!)

This Makes Me So Happy: Bridgewater Bistro


Bridgewater Bistro
20 Basin Street
Astoria, Oregon

So, jwa and I headed out to Astoria this weekend (such a pretty drive along highway 30 with the leaves and the sun and all) to have dinner at Bridgewater Bistro. It’s the new restaurant by Ann and Tony Kischner of the Shoalwater Restaurant in Seaview, WA. Not to put any pressure on the meal or anything, but they are catering our wedding at the Hotel Elliott in May and we wanted to go there and eat as many things on our menu as we could. Oh and we did.


First off, the space at Bridgewater is Beautiful. It’s a big, red barn-like building right on the waterfront. There’s a downstairs seating room, an upstairs mezzanine, tons of windows and multiple fireplaces. So warm and inviting. And one thing that I really like is that the space is not over-crowded with too many tables crammed into the space. There’s a nice amount of space between each table.

To start the meal we had a little complimentary glass of crisp fries and ketchup. I would have taken a pictures of these but we ate them too quickly.


One of the appetizers . . . → Read More: This Makes Me So Happy: Bridgewater Bistro