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Whole Grain Breakfast: Savory Steel Cut Oats with a Poached Egg on Top

I have just never been a big fan of sweet breakfasts. Give me an egg! And cheese! And keep your oatmeal to yourself. Of course, whole grains are a great breakfast and I have gotten pretty fond of Muesli, but I’m still not super enthused about a big bowl of oatmeal. Until now.


Brunch: Poached Eggs over Polenta & Greens with Chili Oil

This is a meal that I kind of reverse-engineered from our many brunches at Accanto. Although I have tried many things there for brunch, the dish this is based on is my favorite.

You could easily start here and add even more too it — maybe cook the greens with pieces of crisp bacon? […]

FFwD: Apple, Feta & Baby Kale Quiche

This week’s French Fridays with Dorie was for a very interesting quiche — Apple & Gorgonzola. And, as is my way, I changed it quite a bit. I actually feel a little bad, it seems like I’m always fiddlin’ with these Around My French Table recipes, which I know would be very good great […]

FFwD: Quartre-Quarts

Oh, hello French Fridays with Dorie! Nice to see you again. This week: it’s a cake. Yay! I Like Cake! Anyway, this is sort of like a French Poundcake, called quartre-quarts. Sounds good to me. Let’s go have some cake.


1. My springform pan was a little smaller in diameter (but deeper) than […]

Really Late FFwD: Bacon, Mushroom & Spinach Quiche

Oh, this French Fridays with Dorie is so late! I knew we would be on vacation when it was due but my plan was to post about it while on vacation. Yeah…didn’t do that. So here it is, 2 weeks later. I guess better late than never?

A link to everyone’s quiches. And here […]