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Chana Dal Chowder with Turmeric, Ginger and Garlic

Chana Dal Chowder with turmeric, ginger, and garlic

Well, hello there! I accidentally ended up taking about a year off from my blog. I’m not sure why, I just needed a break maybe? But, now I am back and I’m hoping to start blogging regularly again. Starting with this recipe: Chana Dal Chowder.

This came about when my husband had a cold and I was starting to get it as well. So, I went straight to the idea of making a soup and then of course, my thoughts also turned to turmeric. And then ginger and garlic (of course, garlic). And also, I had a bag of chana dal beans in the cabinet.

This is a little bit spicy and definitely flavorful and will make you feel better (even if you aren’t under the weather). Add some naan on the side and it’s a great lunch or dinner. The recipe is also scalable, as I’ve made it as listed here and also a double batch very easily.

You can also make this vegetarian by using vegetable broth (low sodium) instead of lamb broth or use the easier to find chicken broth. And also, if you just have lentils on hand, . . . → Read More: Chana Dal Chowder with Turmeric, Ginger and Garlic

Roasted Shrimp, Fennel, & Garbanzo Beans with Parmesan-Spelt Breadcrumbs, Plus a Beans Giveaway!

Roasted Shrimp, Fennel, & Garbanzo Beans with Parmesan-Spelt Breadcrumbs

A few weeks ago I was contacted by one of my favorite Northwest companies and asked if I would like some of their Truitt Brothers Beans to play around with for recipes and also to give away on my blog. Of course, I said yes! I was actually familiar with the company before this offer and they are already my bean of choice. How about you? Would you like to try all five (Garbanzo, Kidney, Black, Pinto and Navy) kinds of beans from Truitt Brothers?

These are sustainable cultivated on family farms in the Pacific Northwest, specifically in Central Washington by Haricot Farms. Haricot Farms utilizes innovative no-till farming practices that preserve soil and water resources while creating delicious beans that are packed simply with sea salt and water into TetraPak cartons.

For a chance to win a box of all five varieties of beans, just leave a comment on my blog by Friday, July 12 at noon, Pacific time telling me your favorite bean dish. I’ll randomly pick a winner, get your address, and Truitt Brothers will send your beans out to you.

Roasted Shrimp, Fennel, <span style= . . . → Read More: Roasted Shrimp, Fennel, & Garbanzo Beans with Parmesan-Spelt Breadcrumbs, Plus a Beans Giveaway!

FFwD: Orange Scented Lentil Soup

French Fridays with Dorie: Orange Scented Lentil Soup

Hello French Fridays with Dorie and this week’s Orange Scented Lentil Soup recipe. How are you? Well, I thought you were delicious!

I tend to have the opinion that, although lentil soups are in standard rotation at our house, they can be kind of boring. But not this bowl — the orange and spices are definitely different flavors than I normally go with and I think that really made this recipe a huge stand out.

Of course, I did a few things differently. I had about a cup of lamb braising sauce (sorry, Morrissey!*) leftover from the lamb shank adventure last weekend and I substituted that for about one cup of the broth (the miracle of lamb fat).

Other changes: I let my vegetables get a little brown in the beginning for more flavor. I also added some chopped kale at the end and I used red lentils instead of French green lentils. Because of that, I was able to shorten my simmering time by about 15 minutes. For garnishes I used the suggested crumbled bacon (oops!) and Greek yogurt. So good.

Here’s a link to everyone’s Orange Scented Lentil Soup this . . . → Read More: FFwD: Orange Scented Lentil Soup

Curry Lentil and Squash Soup with Cilantro Yogurt

Curry Lentil and Squash Soup with Cilantro Yogurt

This is a great meatless meal for when you have winter squash you want to use up or if you just want a hearty bowl of warm soup. Or maybe you’re just bored and you want a food project that will take about an hour. This is what to do if any of those scenarios are true. Plus, it’s just a really delicious bowl of winter soup. So there.

I used a combination of one small acorn squash and one small delicata squash — together they totaled about 1.5 pounds. There’s actually a story behind the squash: I received them (and about 6 more pounds of produce) as part of my kickstarter reward for being a backer of Know Thy Food’s new market! That’s pretty cool, huh?

Red lentils will look nicer, but if all you have is brown lentils, don’t let that stop you from making this. And if you have some naan in the freezer, take this opportunity to toast that up and have it on the side.

If you are a cilantro-hater, you can substitute with parsley.

Curry Lentil and Squash Soup with Cilantro Yogurt

. . . → Read More: Curry Lentil and Squash Soup with Cilantro Yogurt

Asian-Fusion Tuna Tacos

tuna tacos

This was a delightfully odd mix of a meal. I saw the original recipe and thought it sounded somewhat interesting but both jwa and I really, really liked the resulting dinnerc. I am always a fan of tacos and these were no exception. I got some local Oregon coast Albacore Tuna Loin from Flying Fish and went to work with my grill pan.

And bonus! During one of the very few, very hot days we’ve had so far this Summer — the grill pan is only heated for about 5-6 minutes total! Yay!

The beans below were a quick attempt at a side dish and I’ve got to admit, I think they worked quite well.

Asian Tuna Tacos (Tacos de Atún Estilo Japones)
Adapted from a recipe in Fine Cooking magazine. Serves 4, recipe is easily halved.
1⁄2 cup Greek yogurt
1 tbsp prepared wasabi or 1 tbsp powdered wasabi mixed with 2 tsp water
2 tsp soy sauce
2 tsp lime juice
1⁄2 tsp sugar
1 pound tuna steaks, about 1-inch thick
Kosher salt + pepper
3 tbsp mild olive oil
8-16 corn tortillas, warmed (amount depends if you like to double-up your tortillas for tacos)
1 ripe avocado, peeled, pitted, and cut into thin slices
3 scallions, thinly . . . → Read More: Asian-Fusion Tuna Tacos