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Culinary Tea: Seared Tuna with Tea Spice Crust

This recipe is from my newest cookbook acquisition, Culinary Tea by Cynthia Gold and Lise Stern. It’s basically a whole cookbook full of recipes that use tea. Delightful! I really love the idea of using tea as a seasoning or ingredient in recipes and this book does not disappoint at all. This is the […]

And The Fish Continues: Seafood Chowder

This was an experiment that turned out pretty well — fish, herbal tea and…other stuff. I am trying to come up with some new recipes for work and this is one of the first ones.

I used Stash Lemon Blossom Herbal Tea but you could also use maybe some lemon zest and Old Bay […]

Heart Healthy Oatmeal Green Tea Pancakes

The original recipe called for vanilla soy milk. We didn’t have any so I used fat-free milk plus some vanilla and a bit of honey. I also messed up the ratio — I was doing a half recipe and I accidentally did not halve the whole wheat flour, which was actually no problem. The […]

Green Tea Halloween Sugar Cookies

Monday night, the WCC round-up* will be up but for now…it’s cookies. I altered a recipe I found at the Whole Foods web site to include matcha (powdered green tea). Where can you get matcha? Try here!

I rolled them out and used my new, cool Halloween cookie cutters for some great shapes […]