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The Irish Table in Cannon Beach, OR

The Irish Table 1235 S Hemlock Cannon Beach, OR 97110

This place is quickly becoming one of our favorite restaurants on the Oregon Coast. We’ve been twice in the last six months and honestly, I would be okay sneaking another two dinners in before the end of the year. Definitely okay with that. They’re […]

Lavender-Blueberry Margaritas + Super Cute Cocktail Napkins

A while ago (okay, like 1999), I remembered seeing a recipe in Sunset magazine for lavender-blueberry margaritas. I recently spent some time searching for it, found it, and then was like, huh. Coconut milk? In margaritas? Besides adding fat and making it kind of like a marga-colada, I wasn’t quite sure what the coconut […]

Herbal Fusion: Rosemary-Lemon Drop

Here’s a quick recipe for a Friday cocktail. You will need:

1/2 cup water 1/2 cup sugar 1 lemon, zest peeled off 1 big sprig rosemary + 1 small sprig 2 oz vodka (or 3 oz, depending on your mood) ice

Add the sugar, your strips of lemon peel, rosemary and water in a […]

WCC#5: A Tequila Sunrise, Charred Tomato Salsa & Boilermaker Bean Dip Walk Into a Bar…

I was very excited about this challenge’s theme — Cinco de Mayo, as I love Mexican food. When I cook Mexican food, I tend to make these types of dishes up, rather than follow a cookbook’s specific recipe. This challenge had my sorting through my cookbook collection looking for a suitable contender from my […]

Behold….the Ginger-Lemon Drop

This fun little number packs quite a punch. The ginger is spicy and the vodka is…well…vodka. In my version, I used vanilla vodka, as that’s all I had on hand, but citron (or any other variety) would probably work just fine too. Before you can have a drink, you need to first make a […]