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Veggie & Cheese Enchiladas with Chili Gravy

Okay, this is one of those recipes that I saw during the day and went, “OH MY GOD!!!” And then when I got home I immediately made it for dinner. The original recipe is awesome but it’s also one of those recipes that is super-easily adapted to anything you feel like sticking in there. […]

Greek Millet Saganaki with Grilled Ono and Ouzo

I am officially a huge fan of millet. This is the 2nd really great recipe I’ve made with this grain and it was delicious. I suppose if you don’t have millet, you could use orzo or pearl couscous, but really, get some millet!

This is made in a few different steps, the millet is […]

Greek Macaroni and Cheese

Okay, wow, so first off, this is the first recipe that I have ever made with LESS cheese than the original recipe called for. Well played, Saveur Magazine. I have never been out-cheesed on a recipe before! You, sirs and madams, are magnificent cheese bastards.

The recipe called for 12 oz. — 4 cups […]

Cauliflower Goat Cheese Gratin + Beef Wellington Pastry Bot!

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone had nice meals, presents and what-not. We did. On Christmas we had Beef Wellingtons — thank you cow, again, you were delicious!, this awesome cauliflower gratin and some braised brussels sprouts. Our snow is almost melted now, which is good as I really need to go to work Monday!


Experiment: Green Tomato & Mushroom Lasagna

So, I was listening to the Splendid Table last Sunday night and the first caller asked about green tomatoes and what to do with them. Great question, I thought, as tomato season here is from, uh, September 20th – October 10th. We have a lot of tomatoes that did not turn red. I wore […]