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Blood Orange and Cardamom Sherbet

Blood Orange and Cardamom Sherbet

I tend to neglect my ice cream maker with a fair amount of frequency. It’s stored out in the garage freezer, so it’s not like I see it all the time to help remind me. Plus, it seems like some of my previous ice cream/sorbet experiments have not blown me away.

Enter this Blood Orange and Cardamom Sherbet…Blown away!

So creamy, pretty much ice crystal free, and a not too sweet, but with a totally dessert-like flavor. And such a pretty pink color. It reminds me slightly of my beloved, . . . → Read More: Blood Orange and Cardamom Sherbet

FFwD: Olive Oil Ice Cream

Olive Oil Ice Cream

I was really excited for this French Fridays with Dorie as I’m always on the lookout for recipes to make with my fancy-olive oil and also because I’ve had olive oil ice cream before and it’s really good! This recipe was no disappointment, either. Both jwa and I really loved it. The olive oil you use probably makes all the difference, of course.

I decided to go with my Oregon Olive Mill Arbequina Olive Oil, as it’s nice and fruity. And because there’s only two of us, I opted to make . . . → Read More: FFwD: Olive Oil Ice Cream

Meyer Lemon and Cardamom Ice Milk (or Cream)

meyer lemon and cardamom ice milk

Do you still have a few Meyer Lemons hanging about that you really, really, REALLY need to use? Well, I recently found myself in that position and this is the recipe I came across. Fate? Perhaps, because I had exactly five lemons. I did not, however have cream. But I had half and half. See, it’s still kind of fate-ish. I ended up making what technically would be an ice milk* but wow, was it ever good!

If you want to do what I did, use 2 cups half and . . . → Read More: Meyer Lemon and Cardamom Ice Milk (or Cream)

Sesame Ice Cream

Sesame Ice Cream

This was a revelation in my ice cream making adventures. You see, I already had the cream but I also had only fat-free milk at home. And I was too lazy to go to the store and get some whole milk. Well, I thought, it might be weird anyway because of the sesame oil, so I should just make it with fat-free milk and see what happens. It’ll be an adventure!

Because it was an adventure, I chose to make a half recipe from the original recipe I came across in Food & . . . → Read More: Sesame Ice Cream

Sorbetto di Limone (Lemon Sherbet)

lemon sorbetto

This was really tart and good. It makes me wish the weather was a bit warmer, but even in the rain and the 50+ degree temperatures, it’s still a great way to end a meal. This took about 6 lemons — but mine were not super juicy.

I also used half regular sugar and half vanilla sugar. I think that it added a really nice background flavor.

Sorbetto di Limone (Lemon Sherbet) Adapted from a recipe by Jaime Oliver, in Jamie’s Italy 1 cup sugar 1 cup water 1 cup lemon juice zest of . . . → Read More: Sorbetto di Limone (Lemon Sherbet)