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Food Blogger Cookbook Swap: Vanilla-Cardamom Madeleines & Tate’s Bake Shop Baking for Friends

Food Blogger Cookbook Swap: Tate's Bake Shop Baking for Friends

I was recently a participant in the Food Blogger Cookbook Swap, hosted by Alyssa of EverydayMaven and Faith of An Edible Mosiac. I sent a cookbook to a fellow food blogger and received a cookbook in return – Tate’s Bake Shop: Baking for Friends from Lisa at Flour me with Love. Thanks, Lisa!

I’m trying to actually do more baking, so this was a wonderful surprise. And it also just so happens that I recently bought a madeleine pan, so even though I was tempted by a number of recipes in this cookbook, I knew that the madeleine recipe was the one to try.

The original Vanilla Madeleine recipe from the cookbook makes 24 madeleines, which I wanted to half, so I could just make one pan of 12 cookies. But of course, there was the tricky 3-egg dilemma. How to half that easily — actually crack a second egg and use just half of that? Use one egg plus an egg white? Only use one egg and hope that one egg is un oeuf? (See what I did there)?

Then I remembered my most favorite cake in the whole . . . → Read More: Food Blogger Cookbook Swap: Vanilla-Cardamom Madeleines & Tate’s Bake Shop Baking for Friends

Blood Orange and Cardamom Sherbet

Blood Orange and Cardamom Sherbet

I tend to neglect my ice cream maker with a fair amount of frequency. It’s stored out in the garage freezer, so it’s not like I see it all the time to help remind me. Plus, it seems like some of my previous ice cream/sorbet experiments have not blown me away.

Enter this Blood Orange and Cardamom Sherbet…Blown away!

So creamy, pretty much ice crystal free, and a not too sweet, but with a totally dessert-like flavor. And such a pretty pink color. It reminds me slightly of my beloved, gone-but-not-forgotten Grapefruit Sorbetto at Cafe Pallino. I think I am going to try sherbets more often (mostly fruit juice, but also with cream), or at least make more custard-less style ice creams. I seem to have more luck with those types — in terms of texture. Luckily, all of my ice cream maker experiments have tasted delicious.

For this, I used Penzey’s cardamom seeds but Savory Spice Shop also carries them. You could just as easily use 4-5 cardamom pods, smashed, to steep with the cream. Or, if you have neither, skip it all together and go for more of a Blood Orange Creamsicle . . . → Read More: Blood Orange and Cardamom Sherbet

Slow Cooker Pumpkin Chicken Chorizo Chili

Pumpkin Chicken Chorizo Chili

Well, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Do you have an extra can of pumpkin puree? Want something delicious to do with it? Well, read on.

This is honestly one of the best things I have ever made in my slow cooker. Seriously. And of course, this is exactly the time of year that everyone has a can of pumpkin puree in their cabinet, pumpkin puree stored in the freezer, or can easily go get a can at the store. After making this, you may just start stocking up on some year-round. If you didn’t know there were no tomatoes in this chili, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell. Eight hours and the canned pumpkin and all of the other ingredients do something rather magical together. jwa doesn’t even like chili and he loves this chili.

I find the chorizo adds enough heat for me, but you may want more. If so, just serve with some hot sauce.

And like a lot of chili recipes, this one has a secret ingredient – smoked chocolate chips. In the recipe below, I just listed bittersweet chocolate chips, but if you are feeling extra ambitious or . . . → Read More: Slow Cooker Pumpkin Chicken Chorizo Chili

Marinated and Grilled Green Curry Pork Tenderloin

Grilled and Marinated Green Curry Pork Tenderloin

This is the pork tenderloin recipe to beat all pork tenderloin recipes. At one time, I thought this honor went to Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Apple Cider Jus and while that is still a pretty tasty recipe, this one for Green Curry Pork Tenderloin has won. Won everything.

Oh my god. This is seriously the best pork I have ever made. And yes, it seems like there are a lot of steps (there are) and yes, you’ll have to do some planning, but you will be rewarded with tender, spicy, moist pork, crunchy pumpkin seed brittle-like crunchies, and a pretty good (albeit not overly spicy) green curry sauce.

Now, if you look up the original Green Curry Pork tenderloin recipe on epicurious.com, you’ll notice that I didn’t change all that much. Except for halving the pork and marinade and keeping the sauce and pumpkin seeds the same. Stay with me here — for two people, 3-4 servings are just fine, dinner and lunch. Perfect. Extra pumpkin seeds are great on salads and even ice cream. And double sauce? How is that not an awesome idea? But, if you want eight servings, just . . . → Read More: Marinated and Grilled Green Curry Pork Tenderloin

Sweet and Spicy Asian Pork Shoulder (Slow Cooker Recipe)

Sweet and Spicy Asian Pork Shoulder (Slow Cooker Recipe)

Some days there is nothing better than having something tasty simmering away in a slow cooker. The house starts smelling delicious about maybe hour two and it just keeps getting better smelling ALL DAY. So wonderful. This is one of those recipes that you definitely want going for 7-8 hours on a cold winter day.

Strangely, I haven’t really done that much with pork shoulder before, just a handful of recipes, but I think this one is definitely a keeper. I chose to use Ponzu Sauce (soy sauce with citrus) because the sodium content was even less than the low sodium soy sauce I had and I thought that the citrus notes would work really well here. I used my Kitchen Ninja for this recipe, in the regular slow cooker setting.

Also I’m trying out a new format here — photos first and then recipe.

Sweet and Spicy Asian Pork Shoulder (Slow Cooker Recipe)

Sweet and Spicy Asian Pork Shoulder (Slow Cooker Recipe)

Sweet and Spicy Asian Pork Shoulder (Slow Cooker Recipe)

Sweet and Spicy Asian Pork Shoulder (Slow Cooker)
Adapted from Real Simple Magazine; serves . . . → Read More: Sweet and Spicy Asian Pork Shoulder (Slow Cooker Recipe)