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FFwD: Boeuf à la Ficelle

FFwD: Boeuf à la Ficelle

I really tried to like this week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe for Boeuf à la Ficelle. I did! But, no, and I wasn’t the only one that didn’t quite care for it. To begin with, neither of us are big meat-and-potatoes eaters. And my general feeling is that if I’m going to make steak, I want to make it count. Poaching a piece of beef tenderloin (I only used a half of a pound because there were only two if us and I had an inkling of how this was going to go), does not in any way, shape, or form count. This one was kind of doomed in our house from the start, I suppose.

That said, this is really only one of a handful of recipes from this cookbook that I haven’t enjoyed – so, that’s a pretty good track record for Around my French Table, actually.

Also, we have been in the middle of an out-of-the-ordinary SNOWPOCAPLYSE! here in Portland, so I couldn’t get all over town to find oxtail (although – marrow bones were no problem), so I made due with a packaged beef broth that I then added the browned onions and marrow bones too, as well as all the vegetables. So, kind of a fortified, more flavorful packaged broth, but that part was still pretty tasty. No, I think it was the boiling everything instead of roasting it part. I just…don’t generally like boiled potatoes. Or boiled carrots and turnips. Now, drizzle with a little olive oil and roast? Yes.

And, I just don’t even know what I can say about poached beef tenderloin without crying. I love you Dorie, but please don’t ask me to poach beef tenderloin again. It’s just too sad.


I probably should have skipped this one. I mean, it wasn’t horrible or anything, I just found it kind of bland. And kept thinking how awesome all the ingredients could have been with a different preparation. Did other French Fridays with Dorie participants like this one? Let’s find out. Links to everyone’s posts are here.

If you want to give this one a try, the recipe is here at spendidtable.org.

FFwD: Boeuf à la Ficelle

FFwD: Boeuf à la Ficelle

FFwD: Boeuf à la Ficelle

FFwD: Boeuf à la Ficelle

FFwD: Boeuf à la Ficelle

6 comments to FFwD: Boeuf à la Ficelle

  • You’ve confirmed my opinion on this recipe! I have been ambivalent about it and thought to save it for next week when a beef loving man is visiting but I think I’ll just roast the tenderloin after all. Yours looks perfect, though!

  • We did like this well enough, but a part of me was yearning for some cognac/ peppercorn sauce or some blue cheese.
    I agree with Guyla – it looks perfect!

  • Did you use any finishing salt, mustard or horseradish?
    the dijon mustard we added took this dish from “meh” to “WOW”!! … At least it was flavorful! 🙂

  • Guyla: I wish I had done that…even just roasting and then adding to the broth would have been more in line with my tastes. Hope you like yours no matter how you choose to prepare it! 🙂
    Cher: Thank you!
    Alice: We had horseradish. And everything was salted. Just not my thing, I guess. Glad you guys enjoyed yours! 🙂

  • Gorgeous even if not a hit. You did have me chuckling about your loving Dorie but not wanting to be asked to make this again. Too funny. My hubby ended up just adoring this because he likes rare meat, so this is about the least I have screwed up beef by overcooking it for him. Truth be told, we are old school meat and potatoes folks so we came to the table predisposed to like it. But a good time of year regardless with all the snow. We have had a ton of snow this season and I am ready for spring….

  • You put a lot of work into this and am sorry that it was not a hit with you; but what you did with it later became super YUMMS!