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Blood Orange and Cardamom Sherbet

Blood Orange and Cardamom Sherbet

I tend to neglect my ice cream maker with a fair amount of frequency. It’s stored out in the garage freezer, so it’s not like I see it all the time to help remind me. Plus, it seems like some of my previous ice cream/sorbet experiments have not blown me away.

Enter this Blood Orange and Cardamom Sherbet…Blown away!

So creamy, pretty much ice crystal free, and a not too sweet, but with a totally dessert-like flavor. And such a pretty pink color. It reminds me slightly of my beloved, gone-but-not-forgotten Grapefruit Sorbetto at Cafe Pallino. I think I am going to try sherbets more often (mostly fruit juice, but also with cream), or at least make more custard-less style ice creams. I seem to have more luck with those types — in terms of texture. Luckily, all of my ice cream maker experiments have tasted delicious.

For this, I used Penzey’s cardamom seeds but Savory Spice Shop also carries them. You could just as easily use 4-5 cardamom pods, smashed, to steep with the cream. Or, if you have neither, skip it all together and go for more of a Blood Orange Creamsicle flavor with just the vanilla.

Blood Orange and Cardamom Sherbet

Blood Orange and Cardamom Sherbet

Blood Orange and Cardamom Sherbet

Blood Orange and Cardamom Sherbet

Blood Orange and Cardamom Sherbet

Blood Orange and Cardamom Sherbet
Makes about 1 quart of ice cream.
8 Blood Oranges (or enough to yield 2 cups of juice)
1 cup granulated sugar
1 tsp fresh Lemon Juice
1 cup Heavy Cream
1 (scant) Tbsp Cardamom Seeds (or 4-5 cardamom pods, smashed open)
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
small pinch of Kosher salt

Use a microplane grater and finely grate enough zest for 2 tablespoons (should be 3-4 oranges). Then squeeze all the juice from the oranges to give you about 2 cups. Strain juice (to get out any seeds and pulp) into a large bowl and set aside.

Bring the zest, sugar, cardamom seeds, and cream to a simmer over medium heat, stirring until the sugar dissolves. Turn off heat and let steep 15 minutes. Strain cream/sugar mixture though a fine sieve into the bowl with the juice, pressing on the zest; discard zest and seeds. Whisk the lemon juice, vanilla, and a pinch of salt into the juice/cream mixture. Refrigerate until cold, about 2 hours (and up to overnight).

Churn the mixture in an ice cream maker according to the manufacturer’s directions (about 20-25 minutes) until it’s at a soft serve consistency. Transfer the sherbet to an airtight container and freeze until firm, at least 4 hours.

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2 comments to Blood Orange and Cardamom Sherbet

  • :D

    How long can you freeze homemade ice cream. My homemade ice cream becomes rock hard.

  • You know, whenever I make it, we eat it within the first 2-3 days. It is definitely the best after only about 4-5 hours of freezer time. Typically, when we have it after that first time, I take it out of the freezer and let it sit on the counter for about 5-10 minutes before scooping. That usually helps. But yeah, homemade ice cream can be really frozen… 🙂