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A Lot of Meat, Cheese, Vegetables, and Pasta at Ava Gene's — Oh, and the Bean Topped Bread

Ava Gene’s 3377 SE Division Street Portland, OR 97202

So, Ava Gene’s has been open about a year, which means it’s right on schedule for us to have tried it for the first time. Hint: my husband and I are not really timely. The restaurant has even gotten national mentions, like when Bon Appétit […]

Spelt Biscuits with Sage, Orange Zest, and Black Pepper

I have a new favorite baking product – and it is Spelt Flour. I’m not quite sure what it is about it, but everything I’ve baked with it just has a velvety, rich, full flavor that I am in love with. When using, I’ll typically replace one half of the white flour in a […]

FFwD: Chestnut and Pear Soup

This week’s French Fridays with Dorie was a fairly straightforward soup – Chestnut and Pear. In fact, the hardest part was finding the jar of chestnuts (New Seasons, but I also saw them at Cost Plus). Like I do for a lot of the FFwD recipes, I cut this one in half and we […]

Yam and Quinoa Cakes from Portland's Sunshine Tavern

Sunshine Tavern 3111 SE Division Street Portland Oregon 97202

Seeing that we live just a few blocks away, occasionally we will head out to Sunshine Tavern for pizza and burgers (and of course cocktails and maybe even some candied hazelnuts to start). This is just what happened last Tuesday when we ended up splitting […]

An Ice Cream Social at Fifty Licks in SE Portland

Fifty Licks 2021 SE Clinton Street Portland, Oregon 97202

Last week, I was invited to an event at Fifty Licks – an ice cream social. Myself and about seven other bloggers tried ice creams, sorbets, and cocktails. And for once, I wasn’t the only one taking photos of my food. (That’s not even true […]