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FFwD: Tuna Packed Piquillo Peppers

FFwD: Tuna Packed Piquillo Peppers

This post will be fairly short and sweet as I’m on location in Seattle for IFBC tonight. In fact, just now, coming back up to my hotel room, I walked right past Dorie in the lobby!

Anyway, I liked these peppers a lot. I ended up using a can of Trader Joe’s smoked trout for the tuna, but only because I had that and I didn’t have any tuna (and it seemed close enough). Plus, I think the smoked fish complimented the peppers quite well. The only other thing I did differently, is that I sprinkled my peppers with a little smoked paprika before putting them under the broiler.

Oh yeah, and I added garlic to the fish-olive-lemon-parsley mix. My photos are below and here’s a link to everyone’s posts.

And as always, recipe’s for French Fridays with Dorie can be found in the cookbook, Around my French Table by Dorie Greenspan.

FFwD: Tuna Packed Piquillo Peppers

FFwD: Tuna Packed Piquillo Peppers

FFwD: Tuna Packed Piquillo Peppers

FFwD: Tuna Packed Piquillo Peppers

5 comments to FFwD: Tuna Packed Piquillo Peppers

  • Well, did you say “hi”? Post some updates from the conference. Nice pictures and everything… great job for on the fly.

  • I liked all the additions you made, Michelle, smoked tuna and paprika. I could not get enough of the smokey flavor of the piquillos so, once broiled, this would be a great addition for my next try, I believe. Nicely done. It has been a pleasure, a real pleasure to meet you at this Seattle conference. As Susan Lester and I reminded you, if you hadn’t mentioned this conference and the fact that Dorie was to be the keynoter in a blog last October 2012, none of us would be here together. In my oipinion, you deservet all the credit for this successful week-end.

  • Diane: Not then, but the next morning, yes! 🙂
    Mary: It was so nice to meet you in Seattle and I’m so glad that so many Doristas were able to make it! So many people did so much planning, all the buttons, bags, meetings with Dorie – so much credit is well deserved by many! 🙂

  • Here, here – thank you for getting the ball rolling!
    So wonderful to meet you this week 🙂

  • (Just catching up from last week…) Yes, glad you sparked our interest. It was an unforgettable weekend. I love the smoked trout from TJs. Nice idea to use it instead of tuna. I liked the salad itself more than stuffed in peppers. I’ll probably make this again soon.