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FFwD: Dieter’s Tartine

FFwD: Dieter's Tartine

This French Friday’s with Dorie is seemingly pretty healthy but also quite delicious! I’ve actually had this twice so far just this week. I did make a few substitutions (of course). Instead of tomato and cucumber, I used finely diced zucchini and red bell pepper. I also added a bit of diced red onion and right on top of the cottage cheese and yogurt, I sprinkled some dried dill.

Let’s see, what else? Oh and I used toasted spelt bread instead of white bread.

The original recipe can be found here at Bon App├ętit. My photos are below and everyone’s posts are here.

FFwD: Dieter's Tartine

FFwD: Dieter's Tartine

FFwD: Dieter's Tartine

13 comments to FFwD: Dieter’s Tartine

  • Lovely photos! This is a keeper, with so many possibilities. I’m going to be having this again, tomorrow, and maybe through the weekend, too.

  • Looking at everyone’s version makes me want to play around with this some more. This is a pretty versatile concept, isn’t it?

  • Very surprised that this is a hit for pretty much every one! Perhaps I will give it a try for real this time.

  • zucchinini and bell pepper sound like a nice substitute. i’ll have to try it too.

  • nana

    I wasn’t too impressed when I first read the recipe, even though I love all the ingredients. But, it turned out so
    delicious I will definitely do this again. I like the veggies you used, a nice combination, and I’ll bet they were
    as scrumptious as they look. Have a wonderful weekend.

  • I used cottage cheese too, sans yoghurt or cream. It was scrumptious, wasn;t it. Have a good weekend.

  • This is definitely a flexible formula for summer veggies! Your combination looks great, and you can keep on varying the toppings. Yum!

  • Nice job and great photos- I love how this already bright and fresh tartine really pops off your great green plate. Now I want to make more of these…..:)

  • Onions are my favorite vegetable I can’t believe I didn’t think of adding red onion, brilliant. Love the addition of seasonal zucchini too..well done.

  • I think you’re doing what Dorie expects of us. She provides the starting off point with a recipe and we can take it wherever we wish. I’m not very creative so I always follow her directions exactly. However, after reading everyone else’s Posts, I always go out-on-my-limb the second time I make it. Would love to have tasted the toasted spelt bread.

  • Barbara

    I didn’t have the Herbes de Provence, so I picked the first spice I saw in the drawer, which was Rogan Josh, and stirred that into the fromage blanc. I had to use tomatoes, red bell pepper and red onion, as that was what was in the house. For guests, I would need to mix up the colors a bit! It was delish!!

  • Spelt bread – very jealous. This time of year in the desert I’m lucky to find any bread that isn’t stale. Lovely photos-

  • Barbara

    Oh, and I used Ezekiel 4.9 bread, Yumm!