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FFwD: Socca from Vieux Nice (with Red Onion & Cherries)

FFwD: Socca from Vieux Nice

This week’s French Fridays with Dorie was Socca, which, believe it or not, I’ve made before. And because of that, I already had some Bob’s Red Mill Garbanzo Fava Flour. I know the Dorie recipe calls for Garbanzo Flour only, but since I had the mix I decided to go ahead and use it. It worked just fine.

I liked this socca version better than my previous attempt as it turned out much thinner and crispier. I made a half recipe and used two small pans. Also, because I need to clean the oven, I only baked the socca at 475 degrees F (instead of 500).

Instead of leaving my Socca plain, I decided to add some chopped red onions to the top while cooking, and then added some halved cherries while it was under the broiler. I finished with a small sprinkle of Parmesan Cheese. These made a great snack for two before we headed out to see Much Ado About Nothing.

Okay, my photos are below and here’s a link to everyone’s French Fridays posts.

FFwD: Socca from Vieux Nice

FFwD: Socca from Vieux Nice

FFwD: Socca from Vieux Nice

FFwD: Socca from Vieux Nice

12 comments to FFwD: Socca from Vieux Nice (with Red Onion & Cherries)

  • Liz

    Beautiful toppings! And I love your minis!!

  • I will certainly be using these as the base for all sorts of things now that I have the method down (and a bag of flour to use up.) I will also be adding onions as you did. Great job!

  • mlb

    Liz: Thanks! I had trouble searching for a broiler-safe option. Glad I found these in the cabinet! )
    trevor: I know, right? The Socca was pretty good! All manner of things can be added to the top! Thanks 🙂

  • Such wonderful toppings…absolutely delicious looking! Your minis look fabulous! Have a lovely weekend!

  • Your pimped up version looks delicious. Much better than mine.

  • What a great idea to add the cherries and the onions. This does seem like a great base to play with.

  • Cherries and onions what made you think of that? Interesting combination and I bet the fava flour was just as good as chickpea, nicely done.

  • Cherries & onions – I would not have thought to pair those two flavors with this, but it does make sense. Looks good

  • You’ve taken a completely unappealing (to me, anyway) recipe & turned it into something gourmet and palatable – not to mention pretty! Great job, Michelle!

  • What a great idea to make this like a pizza. We spread goat cheese and tapenade on it on the pieces, after it was cooked. Bob’s Red Mill make straight garbanzo flour too (that’s the brand I used).

  • I love the combination of the savory and sweet taste that you added to the socca.

  • Definitely a repeat. Glad this time they worked out better. Interesting combo.