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FFwD: Go-with-everything Celery Root Puree

Go-with-everything Celery Root Puree

Okay, so this will be a fairly quick French Fridays with Dorie, as I’m currently traveling and in the wilds of northern California (Ferndale, to be exact). Back home in pdx tomorrow, hooray!

Celery Root Puree. So. Yeah. I actually kind of liked this but I wasn’t a huge fan. As in, I’m glad I tried it but I’m not sure I’ll be making it again. We had this with our pre-Christmas dinner before a week of traveling.

Okay, a link to everyone’s posts and photos. And happy New Year!

Go-with-everything Celery Root Puree
Celery Root is kind of ugly, non?

Go-with-everything Celery Root Puree
After peeling. A little better but still kind of aesthetically-challenged.

Go-with-everything Celery Root Puree
Simmering in the milk and what-not. I think I added garlic too.

Go-with-everything Celery Root Puree
Pureed and ready to go! I actually made it the day before and then reheated.

Go-with-everything Celery Root Puree
Our pre-Christmas dinner: roasted game hens stuffed with millet, rosemary & lemon zest, roasted root vegetables (acorn squash, carrots, parsnips, fennel & garlic), celery root puree, and salad. And wine.

Go-with-everything Celery Root Puree
This is a tablecloth that I got from my mom last month over Thanksgiving, while we were in Fargo, ND. My grandmother (her mother) crocheted it about 60 years ago. It’s really beautiful! I can’t even imagine the patience it took to do it.

Unrelated: if you are ever traveling in Ferndale, this is a nice place for dinner.

8 comments to FFwD: Go-with-everything Celery Root Puree

  • Your pre- Christmas dinner sounds wonderful.
    P.S. I made the pea crackers for Christmas – they came out really well. Thanks for sharing your recipe on those.

  • mlb

    Hi Cher: Thanks! And I’m so glad you liked the pea crackers 🙂

  • What a beautiful spread! That tablecloth is so lovely! I never buy Cornish Game Hens but now I’m thinking I should – Happy New Year!

  • Cakelaw

    Your Christmas feast looks wonderful. I am with you on the puree – OK, but not a fan. Happy New Year!

  • What a beautiful tablecloth. That was made with a lot of love. The dinner looks delicious too. Happy New Year!

  • Your dinner looks lovely. And that tablecloth! I’m amazed at what our Grandmothers did!!
    I didn’t love, love this either, but was happy I tried it!
    Happy New Year!

  • Gorgeous meal! I love the lace tablecloth, too – so much more beautiful when it has family history attached to it. Safe travels and happy New Year!

  • First I must mention that glorious tablecloth that your Mother handed down to you. What is even better is that you appreciated it so much. Those memories are precious. I am wondering if you ever were at your Grandmother’s when she was using it on the table? Bet so? I liked the purée but can certainly understand why it’s an acquired taste. Still, it’s a healthy and nutritious alternative to mashed potatoes. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas travels. Happy New Year 2013.