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FFwD: Endives, Apples, and Grapes (Oh My)

Apples, Endive and Grapes

This was a great French Fridays with Dorie recipe. The only thing that could have made it better is if it were about 10 degrees cooler out today (80 degrees? Really, Portland?) Anyway, this dish is very Fall-ish and delicious, even if the weather wasn’t exactly cooperating.

You basically take a non-stick pan, melt some salted butter and caramelize a bunch of Autumn stuff with endive leaves — apples, grapes, rosemary. Easy, if a little time consuming, but totally worth it.

1. I added two shallots, sliced in half. I wish I had added more.
2. I also added two halved figs.
3. Topped with a little goat cheese while eating. That was really good.
4. Also, the recipe is posted here, so you really should go make this even if you don’t have the cookbook.
5. I think this would be awesome with some roasted chicken or pork. As it was, it made a great Thursday night dinner.

Here’s a link to everyone’s posts this week and my photos below.

Apples, Endive and Grapes
All of the raw materials, about to become even more delicious.

Apples, Endive and Grapes
I had unsalted butter so I used a little sel gris while melting the butter.

Apples, Endive and Grapes
The first twenty minutes in the pan.

Apples, Endive and Grapes
Caramelizing the second side…twenty more minutes.

Apples, Endive and Grapes
Sugar loosened from the bottom of the pan. Why use water when you can use a splash of Riesling?

Apples, Endive and Grapes
Delicious. Fall on a plate.

17 comments to FFwD: Endives, Apples, and Grapes (Oh My)

  • Your additions sound amazing! Figs and shallots and goat cheese – can’t go wrong there!

  • I’m having no trouble getting in the autumn mood. In fact, today was the first day I needed to turn the heat on in my condo.
    Your additions sound great. Next time I’ll have to play around with it a bit as well.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE your combination, am so doing that version soon soon soon…can you tell my mouth is watering looking at the photo of it all and dreaming of just those ingredients? I think you took a very good thing and made it rise to even higher levels. Kudos2U.

  • Love your additions of figs and shallots. Do try it with roasted chicken 😉

  • Great pictures. I love the addition of the figs – great idea. I loved this dish also. I hope you have a nice weekend.

  • Great job on this recipe, love the figs and shallots, very creative and delicious;-)

  • This is what I love about this book, we are encouraged to play with what we have. These additions are fab. I am salivating thinking about figs prepared this way. Of course, I love it so so the rosemary will have to stay!

  • I was on the fence about whether or not to make this but your goat cheese suggestion pushed me over the edge! Your dish looks beautiful! Now just wish me luck finding endives!

  • Great combinations! Figs and goat cheese I am sure they minimised the bitterness of the endive! Very inspiring!!!Have a great weekend!

  • I love your fig and shallot additions. And with your red grapes, your meal is perfectly color coordinated. Looking at your red endive, I’m thinking that this could also be nice with caramelized radicchio, another vegetable I’ve only eaten raw, never cooked, before.

  • mlb

    Cher: Thanks! The goat cheese was a given (for me, anyway) and the figs were last minute additions because someone was giving them away at work! 🙂
    Rose: I am jealous of your need to turn your heat on. We were 80 degrees yesterday!
    Kayte: Thank you so much! 🙂
    Denise: Thanks! Yep, totally trying this with a chicken soon!
    Geraldine: Thank you! Hope you had a great weekend too! 🙂

  • mlb

    Patty: Thanks!
    Trevor: Yeah, me too. I love that it’s so easy to make additions/subtractions to most of these recipes. And yay! for rosemary! 😉
    Maggie: I actually found endive at the Trader Joe’s by me, but before that I found some at Safeway. It was actually easier to locate than I thought it would be.
    Maria: Thanks! Hope you had a great weekend too!
    Betsy: Oh, radicchio would probably work great! I’ve even had grilled radicchio before, so I know it would work as well as the endive. Maybe find small heads and just halve them and grill? You should try it! 🙂

  • Your variation sounds amazing! You added ingredients that I love!
    Love your creativity!

  • WOW, you really elevated an already simple dish that said Fall and now its exudes Fall! 🙂 WOW!!

  • mlb

    Sanya: Thank you! 🙂
    Alice: Thanks! Yeah, it was pretty Fall-ish, alright! I loved it.

  • Lynda

    Amazing combination. We love endive and figs. But, how hot do you cook it? Medium, medium-high??

  • mlb

    Hi Lynda: This post was part of a French Fridays with Dorie event, where a group of us cook recipes from Dorie Greenspan’s cookbook, Around My French Table and post about it each Friday. We’re not supposed to list the recipe, which is why I haven’t here. But, if you follow the link listed in Note #4 above, you can see the recipe. 🙂