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FFwD: Cafe Style Grated Carrot Salad

Carrot Salad

This week’s French Fridays with Dorie is Cafe Style Grated Carrot Salad and it is going to be a super quick post — not because it doesn’t deserve more review but because it is so amazingly hot upstairs that I don’t want to be up here very long.

1. I used golden raisins, pecans and cilantro in my salad.
2. I halved the recipe.
3. It was very good and a nice, cool dinner along with a chicken and herb sandwich.

Here’s a link to everyone’s posts and a couple of photos.

Carrot Salad
Making the dressing.

Carrot Salad
After grating the carrots…I used my food processor grating attachment for the first time and it worked very well.

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