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FFwD: Olive Oil Ice Cream

Olive Oil Ice Cream

I was really excited for this French Fridays with Dorie as I’m always on the lookout for recipes to make with my fancy-olive oil and also because I’ve had olive oil ice cream before and it’s really good! This recipe was no disappointment, either. Both jwa and I really loved it. The olive oil you use probably makes all the difference, of course.

I decided to go with my Oregon Olive Mill Arbequina Olive Oil, as it’s nice and fruity. And because there’s only two of us, I opted to make a half recipe, giving me about one pint of ice cream. In retrospect, I maybe should have made a full recipe as all of the ice cream is now gone. So sad. Anyway, this was delicious on its own but also with some quick & lazy toasted-kinda-candied almonds*.

Okay, on with the pictures! And here’s a link to everyone’s posts.

Olive Oil Ice Cream
The star of the show, the olive oil.

Olive Oil Ice Cream
Mostly soft-servish…I was a little impatient.

Olive Oil Ice Cream
In a bowl, ready for about an hour of freezer time.

Olive Oil Ice Cream
Nuts…because why not?

Olive Oil Ice Cream
I have no idea how I thought of doing this, but ice cream was probably involved.

Olive Oil Ice Cream
Cooling down a bit.

Olive Oil Ice Cream
Scooped out, delicious!

* Quick & Lazy Toasted-Kinda-Candied Almonds
1/4 cup slivered almonds
1-2 tbsp granulated sugar

In a non-stick pan, add the nuts and sugar and cook over medium heat until the sugar melts and starts to caramelize. The nuts will get golden quickly. Remove the nuts from the pan and let harden for a couple of minutes on a plate. Eat as is or use as an ice cream topper. Yeah.

15 comments to FFwD: Olive Oil Ice Cream

  • Its the kind of flavor that would go great with anything, right? I like the idea of candied nuts with it. Good job!

  • The mild olive oil surely made a difference. The almonds are a great idea. The perfect crunch!

  • I had no idea what mine was supposed to look when I took it out of the churner because this was my first ice cream experience but mine looked just like that so I think I did okay! 🙂 I also really loved this one, in fact, it might be my favorite recipe i’ve done so far in FFWD!

  • I love the candied nuts idea too. My Dad is a big fan of almonds, so I know there has to be a treat I can incorporate those in.

  • Candied nuts are never a bad idea 🙂 Yum

  • Candied almonds are a great topping for this! I was so surprised by how delicious this ice cream is. I think you’re right about the olive oil. I have a light fruity one but it still really shown through!

  • Yours looks terrific… really see how important the choice of oil is… beautiful.

  • nana

    I was surprised at how delicious this was. Even though I did not make the ice cream, Tricia brought
    over some to taste. Your dish looks great with the candied almonds. Great job and wonderful

  • Looks great! I’m so jealous of evryone who has an ice cream machine! haha

  • I SO wanted some kind of crunchy nutty thing. I almost ran for our See’s peanut brittle but bailed – so I am very appreciative you thought of and shared that almond idea. GENIUS !!! This recipe and your post was fun. I too went in search of my “special” olive oils in the pantry but didn’t find anything too spectacular, so lived vicariously through your choice:) Time for me to go shopping with Nana…..:)

  • Amy

    Nice post and delicious looking ice cream! You’ve inspired me – I’m maxed out and couldn’t make this for Fri but will do it sometime this weekend. 🙂
    (Did manage to crank out fougasse #2 for a wine sating last night – a big hit w/the uninitiated!)
    Keep up the great work!

  • Amy

    Sorry, typo! …wine tasting…

  • Love the candied nuts idea for this ice cream. Sounds like a wonderful treat!

  • mlb

    Thanks everyone!
    Maggie: Yep, when it comes out of the canister, it’s always kind of a soft-serve consistency and needs a little time in the freezer! Glad you liked yours too! 🙂
    nana: Glad you got to try some ice cream! 😉
    Tricia S.: Thanks! Yep, time to go shopping for spacial olive oils!
    Amy: Glad you got to make another fougasse! Hope you got to the ice cream and liked it!
    Teresa: Thank you!

  • I think the secret to this ice cream is good olive oil. I used a orange blush olive oil from California and I think it made all the difference. (Keeping in mind I’ve never made Olive Oil Ice Cream before.) I also have a bottle of Arbequina from the same California source, Olea Farm, so I am glad to know it’s also a good variety to use with this recipe. Loved the nuts – all sugary. What a rich dessert.