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The Irish Table in Cannon Beach, OR

The Irish Table in Cannon Beach

The Irish Table
1235 S Hemlock
Cannon Beach, OR 97110

This place is quickly becoming one of our favorite restaurants on the Oregon Coast. We’ve been twice in the last six months and honestly, I would be okay sneaking another two dinners in before the end of the year. Definitely okay with that. They’re located in the back of Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters and it’s actually pretty perfect — there for coffee drinks in the AM and back for dinner in the PM.

On this trip we were there right after they opened at 5:30 and pretty much all of the small tables were already taken. We were offered spaces at the communal table in back or one of the smaller tables up front. We chose to sit up front which was very nice with a breeze coming in through the front door and some space in which to spread out a bit.

Here are some photos from our meal. I usually make a habit of taking a picture of the menu when we eat out, so that if I post about it, I remember exactly what we ate. I forgot to do this at the Irish Table. So, I’ve done my best to remember the details about everything we had. Hopefully, I’m pretty close.

The Irish Table in Cannon Beach
Coffee house by day…

The Irish Table in Cannon Beach
Our somewhat private table up front later that night.

The Irish Table in Cannon Beach
Lox and Greens Salad. We both got this although we could probably have split it (it was huge)! Lemon-dill vinaigrette, greens, crostini with Boursin cheese, lox, hard boiled egg, pickled onions and cucumber. Very good!

The Irish Table in Cannon Beach
What jwa got — the salmon special. It was on fingerling potatoes, had greens, olives and a Buerre Blanc sauce.

The Irish Table in Cannon Beach
What I got — the Flat Iron Steak with a bacon, peppercorn, whiskey sauce. With colcannon, carrots, kale and mashed potatoes on the side. So, so good although I didn’t really eat my potatoes.

The Irish Table in Cannon Beach
After dinner whiskey. We also got an orange vanilla sorbet that was great.

Also, I have a new favorite Summer drink – The Plunkett. I got two of these at the restaurant and have already recreated at home. Here’s my version:

The Irish Table in Cannon Beach
This will be the Summer of the Plunkett. Oh, yes it will.

The Plunkett
For each cocktail —
1 shot of Whiskey
Juice of ½ an orange, plus 1 long strip of orange zest
Ginger Ale (the good stuff, I used Reed’s Ginger Beer)

Add ice to a glass and then add the whiskey, orange zest strips, orange juice. Fill to the top with ginger ale. Stir. Oh geez, so good!

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