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FFwD: Cheese Soufflé

Cheese Souffle

Okay, okay, it’s Saturday. But I did actually make this last week and then just forgot to post about it Thursday night. Sometimes that happens…to me. Anyway, this week’s French Fridays with Dorie was cheese soufflé. Instead of making one big soufflé, I opted to make small, individual soufflés in one cup ramekins. I also halved he recipe which gave me three servings.

We had these for a Sunday brunch with pumpernickel bagels and roasted asparagus. The soufflé acting kind of like a spread for the toasted bagels. Delicious!


1. In some recipes the sides of eh dish are covered with butter and Parmesan instead of butter and breadcrumbs. I kind of like the Parmesan coating better. I wonder why? Oh yes, more cheese.
2. Speaking of cheese, I used a mix of aged Swiss and Parmesan. I also added some snipped chives.
3. Because I used individual dishes, I reduced my cooking time to about 23 minutes.
4. Experiment: I held one of the soufflés, unbaked, in the refrigerator for about an hour and a half, then baked it, giving it about 2 extra minutes. It seemed to work fine.

Okay, on with the link to everyone’s posts and the photos!

Cheese Souffle
Mixing the cheeses into the roux and yolk mixture.

Cheese Souffle
Egg whites!

Cheese Souffle
About to co-mingle.

Cheese Souffle
And we have soufflés!

8 comments to FFwD: Cheese Soufflé

  • nana

    Looks good. I like the idea of the chives, plus that bagel looks delicious. I have never had a
    pumpernickel bagel and I bet that would be great with cream cheese. Tricia and I both enjoyed
    our soufflé this week and will be making them again, I sure.

  • I like how adaptable this dish seems to be – smaller portions, holding the batter in the fridge. It’s much less fussy than its reputation would have us believe. Nice brunch spread!

  • Your individual souffles look marvlous!

  • I like your bread crumb variation. The more cheese the better as far as I am concerned. Good to know that you can hold the individual soufflés. I think I will experiement with that – even using the large soufflé dish. I would make soufflés more often if I didn’t have to do everything at the last moment. I served asparagus as a side also – roasted. It was delicious.

  • There is something about individual portions that make it all seem extra special.
    And adding more cheese is never a bad idea!

  • Beverly

    I may do the indi soufflés, since I can’t seem to locate my 6 cup soufflé dish. It should bake up in a similar size round casserole dish, right? Haven’t made these very much… BTW, yours look totally delish!

  • I understand about late. Life gets late at times! I like the asparagus and dark bagel with that, looks great!

  • I think herbs are an excellent addition. And, thanks for reporting that these can hold for a while before baking. That will make it easier the next time.