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FFwD: Twenty Minute Honey-Glazed Duck Breasts

Duck Breasts

I have really been looking forward to this week’s French Fridays with Dorie as I love duck and I hardly ever cook it at home. I had no idea it could come together so quickly. Although, I think the reason I never make duck at home is that a). it seems expensive — my frozen duck breast was about 1lb and $14 and b.) jwa’s not crazy about duck. But, I made this anyway (haha!) and he liked it and so did I.

1. I sliced the breast in half before cooking, figuring it would cook a little faster (more in line with the directions). So, each piece was about 8 oz.
2. I did the 8 minutes on the skin side and then let them go for about 4.5 minutes on the 2nd side and I got nicely medium-rare duck.
3. A splatter screen was a really valuable thing to have here.
4. Honey, balsamic and lime juice FTW!!!
5. On the side we had roasted sweet potatoes and a kale, lemon and Parmesan salad.
6. Great Tuesday night meal! I think the sweet potatoes took the longest amount of time to make.
7. Excuse the blurring, but I did manage to get some duck fat on my camera lens!
8. Am I the only one who saved the poured-off duck fat for roasting potatoes this weekend?

On to the photos and here’s a link to everyone’s posts.

Duck Breasts
Scored duck, ready for the pan.

Duck Breasts
Skin side down in the hot Dutch French oven.

Duck Breasts
The back-up players.

Duck Breasts
Mmmmm…duck fat…

Duck Breasts
Balsamic, honey and lime juice.

Duck Breasts
Duck after a brief rest in the 250 degreee toaster oven.

Duck Breasts
All the accumulated resting juices…destined for the pot.

Duck Breasts
Almost ready.

Duck Breasts
Plated and ready to eat!

13 comments to FFwD: Twenty Minute Honey-Glazed Duck Breasts

  • I was wondering if the fat could be saved – it seemed wrong to be discarding it.
    A splatter screen is a very beautiful thing & certainly cuts down on the clean up 🙂

  • I am SO stealing your idea to save the duck fat for potatoes when I make this. That’s teh type of thing I wouldn’t think of until after the fact. My supermarket said duck wasn’t in season yet, so I couldn’t get my hands on any. Boooo! Yours looks amazing.

  • Very lovely looking meal you have there. 🙂

  • awww! I should have saved some duck fat! Glad you liked it too!

  • Another splatter screen devotee here! I think we ought to categorize this as Celebration Weeknight Meal because of the cost. Your pairing of sweet potato sounds fantastic. Harvest time!

  • I so agree. The splatter guard was invaluable. I loved this recipe, but I was already a huge fan of duck. I saved the duck fat for potatoes too! Can’t wait to make them.

  • Your duck looks delicious. Fantastic photos. I love duck and have only made it at home one other time, it was nice to know that my restaurant indulgence could be replicated at home for a fraction of the cost (though definitely not a budget meal). Happy French Friday!

  • Looking at yours make me hungry now 🙂 I regretted giving this a miss 🙁 That was really a good piece of honey glazed duck breast you have there and thanks for those lovely photos ! Happy French Friday !

  • mlb

    Cher: We had the fat a few days later (I refrigerated it) with some potatoes. I used the duck fat like I would olive oil. very good! 🙂
    Eileen: You should! The only duck I could find was frozen — both breasts and whole duck.
    SoupAddict: Thanks! 🙂
    Alice: I’m glad you liked it as well. This one is a keeper 🙂
    ComeUndone: Thanks! Hooray for splatter screens!
    Betsy: Hope you liked the duck fat potatoes as much as we did 😉
    Confessions: Thank you! Happy French Friday to you too!
    Elin: You should give this one a try sometime!

  • Chris

    if i recall, fubon usually has duck pretty cheap…it doesn’t come with any florid statement regarding the duck’s provenance, but it’s cheap. haha.

  • mlb

    Chris: Oh, thanks! I didn’t even think of checking there. Since I saw frozen breasts at New Seasons, I just grabbed one. Next time, checking Fubon first!

  • Some things are worth the splurge and this is one of them, right? Who deserves a nice meal more than us? lol. I have even been known to splurge on a tub of duck fat at the butchers now and again. It keeps in the fridge a long long time and NOTHING, i repeat, NOTHING is better for roasting potatoes or veggies (brussels sprouts!) in. Good job. I finally got around to this for cook’s choice and it is surely a winner.

  • mlb

    Trevor: Exactly! 🙂 Ohhhhhh…Brussels Sprouts. That sounds delicious! 🙂