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Seriously Awesome Fall Pizza with Bacon, Apple, Fennel & Rosemary

I’m not going to go into too much introduction here except to say, oh my, why have I never put a little bacon on a pizza before? Also, this is one of the best flavor combinations I’ve ever put on a pizza. Yay!

Seriously Awesome Fall Pizza with Bacon, Apple, Fennel & Rosemary […]

FFwD: Honey Spiced (not)Madeleines

So, at first I was kind of sad for this French Fridays with Dorie as I don’t currently have a Madeleine pan and thought I’d have to sit it out. Then, I started poking around the interwebs looking for ideas on how to get around that and I found two great ones — a […]

Millet Risotto with Butternut Squash, Goat Cheese & Leeks

So, hey, here’s something fun to do with millet! It’s kind of like risotto (except, not really), but it is creamy and delicious. And, you don’t have to stir it continuously like real risotto. Just simmer under a cracked lid, stirring every so often.

I was actually surprised at how good this was. […]

The Wonders of…Millet!

Yes, millet. Funny, because I had never tasted millet before taking this cooking class at Bob’s Red Mill — in fact, I didn’t even know they had cooking classes. But they do! If you’re in pdx, you should check one (or four) out!

Millet is a grain that, in this country, is used […]

A New Bread Experiment: Feta and Spinach Stuffed Buns

Ever since I first got brave enough to try making yeast bread, I’ve loved perusing the King Arthur Flour website and finding recipes I wanted to try. I won’t say too much in the intro, because the recipe is pretty long, but, mmmm, these are delicious! Go make some right now!

Feta and Spinach […]