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FFwD: Tourteau de Chevre

tourteau de chevre

Short and sweet today, because I am tired. French Fridays with Dorie: Goat cheese cheesecake edition. Delicious! Go!

1. I was the lazy this week and used store bought crust. Oh, the shame!
2. But to make up for that, over half the chevre I used was homemade! In that mound, I layered in dried lavender and orange zest so my tart had those flavors too.
3. Berries on top were delicious!
4. I hope it freezes okay, because half of mine is now sitting in the freezer.
5. My springform pan is about 6 inches, so I kinda of 2/3rd-ed the recipe. Seemed to work fine!
6. I couldn’t decide between vanilla or brandy so I added a smidge of both.
7. I really liked this. Next time, I may try to make it just a bit sweeter or serve with more fruit.

Check out everyone’s posts here. Okay, on with the process pictures of this recipe.

tourteau de chevre
About 4 oz homemade chevre, and 2 oz store bought.

tourteau de chevre
Separated eggs are separated.

tourteau de chevre
Egg white mountain.

tourteau de chevre
Incorporating egg whites into chevre, yolks and sugar.

tourteau de chevre
In the pan, awaiting the oven.

tourteau de chevre
After baking…mine had slightly less oven time because of the smaller pan, so I didn’t get that dark, almost burnt top.

tourteau de chevre

tourteau de chevre
Sliced, ready for nom-ing.

5 comments to FFwD: Tourteau de Chevre

  • I’m impressed that you used your own homemade goat cheese! Kudos! And what a great idea to incorporate dried lavender into the mixture.

  • Ooooh – homemade chevre. Love it. Love it. Love it. It looks like you sized it perfectly & great thought on the lavendar.

  • nana

    Everyone of your pictures are fantastic. I, too, am impressed that you made your own
    homemade chevre. Since Tricia and I had lots of goodies from our trip to Manhattan
    last weekend, we decided to work together and only make one cake between us. There
    is just so much food we can eat. It was really good and we enjoyed it.

  • The homemade cheese sure makes up for the store-bought crust 🙂 great pics, love your tourteau.

  • Your photos and your tourteau all look wonderful! Let us know how well it freezes when you take it out.