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FFwD: Salted Butter Break-Ups (Some with Matcha!)

Salted Butter Break-Ups

This week’s French Fridays with Dorie is a cookie recipe. I’ve tended to skip most of the sweet recipes so far (what will two people do with a WHOLE cake??), but these I wanted to try.

A. Because I had everything already to make them and B. how fun would it be to make some of these green (for St. Patrick’s Day) with matcha? The answer – very fun!

Notes/things I learned:

1. Even though the recipe seems very similar to pie dough — it is not pie dough! Don’t roll it out too thin (I think I did this, but they were still good!).
2. Because my dough was maybe a little thin, I decreased baking tiome to about 26 minutes.
3. Adding Matcha* (green tea powder) to half the dough was a good idea!
4. Next time I will score a little deeper with the fork tines.
5. I actually had some Sel Gris. Exciting to use it here!
6. Delicious still warm from the oven!

Okay, on with the photos. And here’s everyone’s cookie recaps at the FFwD site!

Salted Butter Break-Ups
Half the dough ready to go!

Salted Butter Break-Ups
Making the matcha dough, I used 1 tsp matcha.

Salted Butter Break-Ups
Both doughs ready to go in the fridge.

Salted Butter Break-Ups
Egg yolk, separated.

Salted Butter Break-Ups
Matcha dough crisscrossed.

Salted Butter Break-Ups
Plain dough crisscrossed.

Salted Butter Break-Ups
Out of the oven.

Salted Butter Break-Ups
Broken up and ready for snacking.

Salted Butter Break-UpsMmmmm…flakey!

* I added the flour, sugar and salt to my food processor, mixed that and then divided the mixture in half. I added matcha to one half and kept the other half plain. Continued on with the recipe from there.

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