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Bring on the Meat: Laurelhurst Market

Laurelhurst Market Thundering Hooves Grass-Fed Flat Iron — Madre Terra Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fleur de Sel, Sauteed Chard.

Laurelhurst Market 3155 E. Burnside Portland OR 97214

So, finally, FINALLY! We went to Laurelhurst Market a couple of weeks ago. Oh, it was so good! I loved everything I ate except for two things: the fries (not crisp enough for me) and the shortbread on the dessert was nothing special. But every other single thing was delicious. I am in love with the polenta. And my steak was wonderful and the olive oil ice cream was mmmm!!! . . . → Read More: Bring on the Meat: Laurelhurst Market

Two Completely Unrelated Sauce-Type Things

enchilada sauce

Here are two accompaniments that I made recently (for different meals), that I really liked but they seemed really short for single posts. So, I bundled them up in one super-unrelated post!

The enchilada sauce I made for, uh, tostadas, which you can see in the title image. Does this make it tostada sauce? Anyway, it was very good. I thought it was a little spicy/harsh after the initial 15 minutes simmering time, so I added a pinch of sugar. I think that helped round it out. I also made the sauce about 5 . . . → Read More: Two Completely Unrelated Sauce-Type Things

Balch Hotel Supper Club

Balch Hotel

Balch Hotel 40 S. Heimrich Street Dufur, Oregon 97021

Awhile ago, I was looking for a place to stay overnight, not too far from Maryhill Museum (neat art museum, by the way!) In the course of my lodging research, I came across the Balch Hotel and was very interested, but then I couldn’t figure out where we would find any place nearby to eat dinner that night if we stayed there (it’s a very small town, about 30 minutes south of The Dalles.)

At the time, I just bookmarked the site and continued looking. But . . . → Read More: Balch Hotel Supper Club

Summer Pasta with Zucchini & Tomatoes + Other Assorted Things

Zucchini Pasta

This was a super tasty Summer pasta meal that was quick and used up some zucchini that needed to be used up (which often happens in the Summer). Sadly, this was not garden zucchini as our zucchini plants decided to not cooperate this year, but store-bought zucchini….which I still had to use up. But, wow, I am really bummed about no zucchini in the garden this year. Hmm, I thought I heard something once about people with too much zucchini leaving extra zucchinis on people’s porches, ringing the doorbell and then running away. Where are . . . → Read More: Summer Pasta with Zucchini & Tomatoes + Other Assorted Things

Goodbye Summer: Lemon Semifreddo

Lemon Semifreddo

Yeah, Summer is almost over. Normally, I am a fan of the end of Summer, but this year it’s a little sad because hardly any of our tomatoes have turned red. Maybe five. Total. I’m going to have to use up SO MANY green tomatoes this year. *sigh*

Another reason I know that Summer is almost over is because this will probably be the last frozen dessert of the year. I made it for jwa’s birthday dinner and it turned out lemony, creamy and delicious. I was a little sneaky and put it all together . . . → Read More: Goodbye Summer: Lemon Semifreddo