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Marinated Salmon with Moroccan Chickpea Salad

Here’s a recipe that I remember making multiple times last Summer. Why didn’t I blog about it sooner? Who knows, but here it is now. I made this last week and instantly remembered why I made it so much last year. It’s really good. I love the salad. But, keep in mind, imho, the […]

Italian Bread with Sesame Seeds

Here’s another breadmaking experiment that turned out pretty well! I’ve heard that King Arthur AP Flour has a bit more of a Bread Flour quality to it than other brands of AP flour, so since I was using Trader Joe’s AP flour, I added about a 1/2 cup bread flour to the dough flour. […]

Comune Accanto for Brunch

2838 SE Belmont St. Portland, OR 97214 (503) 235-4900

We finally tried Accanto for brunch Sunday and wow, we both really enjoyed it. It’s the place on the corner of 28th & Belmont, right next to the new Genoa. Actually, Accanto is to Genoa, like Cafe Castagna is to Castagna, I believe. Anyway, I […]

Side Dishes! Side Dishes! Cracked Potatoes & Asparagus with Horseradish Butter

These two dishes were the rest of that really good mahi mahi meal in the last post. I had seen the cracked potatoes a couple of years ago and always meant to try them but then promptly forgot about it. Glad it didn’t stay forgotten — so good! For four people the original recipe […]

Mahi Mahi with Parmesan Almond Crust

This was a surprise. I was not expecting it to be anything other than a way to use up some frozen mahi mahi from Trader Joe’s (the kind that’s frozen, in the marinade). But, hey, this was delicious! The yogurt gave it a nice tanginess and the almonds and parmesan are a wonderful combination. […]