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Grilled Chicken with Fresh Fig Salsita


This is one of those meals that is so simple yet so good, that you can’t believe you didn’t make it before or that you don’t have it for dinner a few nights per week. It’s from The New Spanish Table and I promise, the next few posts WILL NOT be from that cookbook. Really. But, it’s such a wonderful cookbook! But no. I will restrain myself.

Here, I had just scored some figs from Limbo and was needing something to do with them. This was the perfect solution!

Grilled Chicken with Fresh Fig Salsita Pollo . . . → Read More: Grilled Chicken with Fresh Fig Salsita

Spanish Paella for a Crowd


I combined a couple of recipes here — one of the Paella recipes in the (awesome) New Spanish Table cookbook, a paella recipe from Tyler Florence and I also used the meat I wanted to — chicken thighs, chorizo and shrimp, rather than the exact ones in either recipe. You could throw all manner of meat and seafood in here, but I stuck to those three.

This makes a ton of paella! A. Ton. Of. Paella. It would be great to make for a dinner party or of you want to make something for dinner, have . . . → Read More: Spanish Paella for a Crowd

Pictures from Roslyn


Mostly all pictures from our trip to Roslyn, WA. We stayed at Huckleberry House, right near downtown. We were in the Cicely Suite. Breakfast was delicious — smoked salmon and vegetable egg scramble, pepper-honey bacon, huckleberry pancakes and fruit. If you are looking for a place to stay in Roslyn, this was very nice. We aren’t normally B&B kind of people, but we enjoyed it.

Okay, now the pictures.

roslyn The drive there, along 84/30.

roslyn Where we stayed.

roslyn The Cicley Suite.

roslyn . . . → Read More: Pictures from Roslyn

Cooking from Northern Exposure (Part I)

Northern Exposure

Okay, here is where I admit my love of Northern Exposure, at least until that other doctor came to town and Joel moved into the woods or whatever the hell that was. And, do you believe it — Portland is only a 4.5 4 hour drive from Roslyn, WA, where Northern Exposure was filmed?! And also, most of the buildings and stuff are all still there. I’ve actually wanted to drive to Roslyn since we moved here and I realized how close it was. It’s only taken nine years, but we’re actually going this month!

. . . → Read More: Cooking from Northern Exposure (Part I)

Hello Fall: Green Lentil & Sausage Soup


It was Fall here in Portland…for about a weekend. Really! It was cold and we had a high of only 60 degrees F and quite honestly I loved it. Now, we are back to the sunny and the 80’s nonsense but when it was nice and Fall-like, I made this soup. It was delicious!

Instead of kielbasa, I used that age-old tradition of going through the freezer, seeing what was in there, and using that. It was sweet Italian sausage (2) and some chorizo (1) the uncooked kind, so I thawed it all and browned that . . . → Read More: Hello Fall: Green Lentil & Sausage Soup