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The Very Green Meal (Featuring Risotto & Pea Puree)

What is this? Another post? Holy crap, yes, it’s another post. This was another meal we had over the Memorial Day Weekend. It was a very green meal with green herb risotto and some (leftover) pea puree bruschetta. We even had matcha creme brulee for desert. See? very green!

The risotto was good, but […]

Middle Eastern Lamb Burgers

Memorial Day Weekend. Portland. Sunny. 70+ degrees. No rain. Really, no rain. What to do? Make lamb burgers!

Wow, these were good. Juicy and flavorful. The recipe is very easy to halve and make just two burgers (what I did). I found some kalamata ciabatta rolls at New Seasons which worked perfectly with these […]

Vegetable Upside-Down Cake for Vegetarian Saturday

This was part of our new vegetarian Saturday night schedule! We’ve actually followed this for about 2 months — uh, except last Saturday when we went to Country Cat after a movie and I had duck legs. Oops. But other than that, it’s been vegetarian Saturdays! Woo!

This was good. It’s from one of […]

I'm Never Buying Apple Sauce Again — Rosemary-Scented Apple Sauce

So, I was planing on making banana bread tonight but then I realized I didn’t have any apple sauce (yes, I’m one of those people that replaces the oil or butter with apple sauce). But then, I thought — hey! why don’t I just make apple sauce?

I hunted around online a bit and […]

Ashland: May 2009

Beet salad at the Peerless restaurant — with goat cheese, poblano peppers, pumpkin seeds, orange segments, micro greens and stuff like that

Where we stayed: Peerless Hotel Where we ate: Peerless Restaurant, Dragonfly Cafe & Gardens What we saw: Macbeth, Dead Man’s Cell Phone

Lodging: This was a quick, fun trip. Alas, it was […]