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It's Healthy! Salmon with a Couscous Crust

Okay, this was delicious. Especially the couscous. It gets a little golden and crunchy on top. Seriously tasty.

I was curious about making something that all cooks together like this. I figured it would turn out okay (I basically trust Tyler) but, as I’ve only ever made couscous on the stovetop, I was intrigued […]

(Almost Vegetarian): White Lasagne with Parmigiano Besciamella, Spinach & Ricotta

Okay, we are starting this thing where Saturday night is designated, “Vegetarian Night”. So far we’ve had this, an Indian Feast (coming soon), and this weekend, the Vegetable Upside-down Cake from the Enchanted Broccoli Forest.

But now, here’s lasagna. Originally, it was just sauce, noodles, and Parmesan. This sounds great but why not add […]