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Banana Pecan Great Grains Muffins


Oh, where has the time gone? So bad with posting this month, sorry. This is a great muffin recipe from the book, Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan. This has pretty much become my go to baking resource.

I love the maple syrup in these muffins, with the crunchiness of the cornmeal and oats. i used brown sugar instead of white and added banana to the original recipe. I also swapped out 1/2 cup of butter for applesauce. Instead of bananas, you could always used dried fruit like raisins or figs.

Banana Pecan . . . → Read More: Banana Pecan Great Grains Muffins

Spanish Potato Soup with Fried Almonds & Garlic


Usually, I cook on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, but lately, Thursday nights have become have a glass of wine and make soup night. Last week it was Mushroom and Barley, last night, Potato Soup with Fried Almonds & Garlic. This wonderful recipe is from one of my new favorite cookbooks, The New Spanish Table by Anya von Bremzen and I have to say, this soup is really, really good. So go make some!

The stock I used was from the chicken bones leftover from the most recent meal of Spanish Lemon Chicken with Honey and . . . → Read More: Spanish Potato Soup with Fried Almonds & Garlic

Tasty French Apple Cake


I don’t know what it was but last weekend I was totally into baking things in cake pans. I made a quiche (well, that was in a pie pan) but then also this cake. Oh! I remember why now, I have this new ginger apple hair conditioner that I have been using that smells so good. It totally made me want to bake something apple-y. Then I found the recipe for this cake and there you go.

Okay, originally, the topping recipe called for white sugar. I decided to do it with brown sugar for fun. . . . → Read More: Tasty French Apple Cake

Chicken Provençal w/ Olives & Tomatoes


This is an awesome, flavorful, pretty quick-to-make dinner. It works really well with defrosted, chicken breasts.

I’ve started buying the big bag of frozen chicken breasts at Trader Joe’s lately because they seem so much cheaper than the package of fresh breasts. I don’t use them for all my chicken needs but they are great to use here. I just put a couple of breasts in the fridge to defrost the day before I made this dinner.

I made a full sauce version (what’s listed below) with only two breasts. We have some leftover sauce . . . → Read More: Chicken Provençal w/ Olives & Tomatoes

White Bean, Kale and Chorizo Soup


I have been craving soups lately. This was one I made a couple of weeks ago when, to my delight, I realized I had almost all the ingredients required, minus the kale. S’okay. I walked to the store and got kale!

The original recipe (from the defunct, “Cooking Live” on Food Network) called for dried beans and 3 chorizo sausages. I used canned beans and a 2:1 ratio of turkey sausage to pork chorizo. My turkey sausage was raw, so I cooked that in link form and then sliced up (to avoid the casing shrinkage). My . . . → Read More: White Bean, Kale and Chorizo Soup