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Bulgur Salad with Green Onion Vinaigrette Plus Some Salmon

Another vegetarian post? Why yes, yes it is, although, there’s a little bit of salmon at the end. It’s more of an omnivorous post. So, I have never been a huge fan of tabouleh but I may have to rethink that position after making this dish. The vinaigrette is really good…like get a straw […]

WCC 28: Provencal Vegetable Soup (Soupe au Pistou)

Ah, May’s Weekend Cookbook Challenge. I almost missed it too, as we just got back from the honeymoon on Tuesday night. I actually kind of doubted I was going to make this and get the post together by the due date. I surprised myself. And quickly, speaking of the honeymoon, we had a fabulous […]

HPotD: Day ?

Quite honestly, I’ve lost track. This was yesterday, though, I do know that.

We drove to Butchart Gardens (about 20 minutes North of Victoria) and looked around. It was nice and all but at $25 a person, we were both a little underwhelmed. We also both came to the conclusion that the Tofino […]

HPotD: Day Nine

Pointe Restaurant, Wick Inn

Seared Pacific Halibut with Citrus Potato Purée, Endive, Fresh Orange, Almond Nage. Mmm! As was jwa’s Herb Baked Salmon with Smoked Salmon Ravioli, Warm Beet & Baby Vegetable Salad with Spring Carrot Sauce.

Checked out of the Wick Inn yesterday and made the (about) 5 hour drive back to […]

HPotD: Day Eight

Inn at Tough City Sushi Bar, Tofino, BC

Yeah, we skipped HPotD #7. I got a cold the other day. Stuffy nose, watery eyes, the works. Spent the day in Errington/Parksville pretty miserable but I think I am getting better. I could almost taste the wonderful looking sushi we had for dinner.

Anyway, I […]