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Two Months and Counting…

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Look…it’s a wedding post

So, it looks like this wedding thing is actually happening. Eek! About 2 1/2 months to go. Let’s see, I have a dress (first fitting scheduled for the beginning of March), I have shoes, and jwa has assured me he has a plan that will result in him having an outfit to wear. Oh! And we got our rings the other day too. Hooray!


We’re going to Astoria tomorrow to meet with the Hotel and the caterer to finalize all the little details. Invitations will go out 2/29 (ha! Leap Year!) and I have finally decided on what to put in the favor boxes I bought over six months ago.

Do we really need favors? Probably not, but the boxes were just so damn cute. Oh and it’s funny, it seems as I read wedding message boards, that the indie kids* are all, “oh, we’re not doing favors”…. but you know what? Too bad. We’re having favors because I like the boxes. And I love what I’ve decided to put in them. Oh, and we’re also having fun, bonus, place setting favors too. Yeah. Two favors, people.


Oh and I made it through designing maps for the invitations without throwing my printer out the window…hooray for wine! Now I just need to get more ink this weekend and we’ll be all set.


Here’s a food question for Victorians (or people who’ve been to Victoria, BC recently) — what restaurants are worth checking out? Tofino, Sooke and Parksville too, please. Recommendations, anyone? Halp!

Specifically, I am curious about the Smokin’ Tuna Cafe in Sooke (I hope this place is still open — their website seems to be down) or the Inn at Tough City Sushi Bar in Tofino. Also, since we have a kitchen in the place we’re staying in Victoria, any recs on markets or the like in the area?

That is all. The wedding post is done. We made it through the update no worse for wear. And, the plan is to make chicken pot pie on Sunday, so hopefully a food post Monday. Excellent.

* And I completely realize that I am no longer in this demographic at all. In any way. Was I ever? Hmmmm…Oh, I wonder what’s on right NPR now?

6 comments to Two Months and Counting…

  • alyssa

    you MUST go to rebar when you are victoria. it is one of my favourite restaurants.
    spinnakers is also good for local brews and eats.
    my fiancee goes to braisserie l’ecole when he is vic for business and he gives it a stellar review.

  • Your wedding post is perfect. Love the map! Wish I had some restaurant recs for you but it’s been too long since I’ve been to Victoria.

  • mlb

    Alyssa: Thank you! I totally want to check all 3 of those places out 🙂
    Christine: Thanks! I like the map too. It took a while to get there, but I’m glad I kept messin’ with the printer to get it to print out right on 5 X 7 paper.

  • I love your beautiful blog. This post reminded me that I was doing the same thing you are, one year ago. Our invites went out on the 28th. Congratulations, and soak in all the preparation bliss. It can be stressful, but it’s so fun – planning the big party!

  • Colleen

    Just wanted to say your rings look beautiful! Will you be engraving anything inside them?
    ps: I’m happy you’re still posting recipes amongst all the wedding planning…!!! Thanks and have a fun wedding! Colleen, Naperville, IL.

  • Christine

    Hopefully I am not too late with a restaurant recommendation for Victoria/Sooke. Check out Sooke Harbour House – very upscale, Food and Wine Top 10 restaurant, incredibly fresh seafood,set menu. See their website for details.
    We spent our honeymoon there 18 years ago – Room #1 It was only a little bit famous then but has continued to impress reviewers since.